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Israel:Diver finds crusader knight's sword in mint condition

An Israeli diver has discovered a sword in perfect condition that belonged to a knight who participated in the Crusades. It will soon be exhibited to the public.

This ancient one-meter-long sword, according to experts, belonged to a Crusader knight.

"Imagine:you go snorkeling at the beach near your home, and suddenly you discover an ancient sword that looks like it was taken from a movie scene "! The Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) unveiled on October 18, 2021 on Facebook the spectacular images of a sword that belonged to a crusader knight.

Covered with corals and shells, but in "perfect condition"

Shlomi Katzin, an Israeli diver, discovered on Saturday October 16, 2021 in Caesarea (northwest) a one-meter-long sword with a 30-centimeter handle completely covered in corals and shells, but "in perfect condition " , the AIA said in a statement. This sword is "a rare and magnificent find that evidently belonged to a crusader knight" , AIA official Nir Distelfeld said in the statement. "It is fascinating to see such an object, which takes us back 900 years in time, to another era with knights, armor and swords." The object was found in an area where underwater currents regularly move sand, which led to the discovery, said Kobi Sharvit, head of underwater archeology at the AIA.

A sword that will be exhibited to the public

Fearing the find would be stolen or disappear in the sand due to sea currents, Shlomi Katzin took the object with him and brought it back to dry land. He "reported his find and turned it over to state treasuries ", continues the AIA in its publication. The sword will be exposed to the public after being cleaned and analyzed, affirmed the director of the AIA, Eli Escosido.

The AIA then clarified that the object was apparently first reported and left in the water by Dr. Udi Galili, Director of the Marine Unit of the Antiquities Authority in the past. "We sincerely apologize for not mentioning Dr. Galili's name ", continues the government body. This time, the sword cannot be rediscovered a third time!