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Archaeological discoveries

  • Prehistoric Baby Rattle Found in Russia

    The prehistoric rattle found in Russia It looks like some toys are timeless and will appeal to todays children as much as they did yesterday. The one found a few weeks ago in a Russian archaeological site is a rattle belonged to a baby lived about 4000 years ago. It is a clay object wi

  • Prehistoric Melon Seeds Found in Sardinia

    Some of the melon seeds found in Sardinia The Sardinians were the first to cultivate melon in Europe? It would seem so according to the discovery in a well of Sa Osa (Cabras, Oristano), of 47 melon seeds dating back to a period between 1310 and 1120 BC. (Bronze Age). The discovery is ver

  • Found Ancient Engraving of Uro ("Ancestor" of the Bull)

    Engraving of aurochs on stone (the image does not refer to the discovery of which the post is about, but to the cave of the Romito) It was recently found in France a ancient engraving depicting a auroch on a stone plate, an artifact dating back to about 38000 years ago. The animal is repre

  • Cheese:the Origins

    Prehistoric cuisine. Cheese was an almost certainly accidental discovery The cheese it is one of those foods that have accompanied man since the dawn of civilization. Most scholars believe that its origins date back to prehistoric times, when it was discovered by pure chance (as it happened,

  • Dog and Man:have they been friends for about 8000 years?

    Rock carvings discovered in Saudi Arabia The dog he is mans best friend, we have always known this, but the novelty is that this bond could have been born much earlier than hypothesized to date. At least this is what the rock representations would show, if the dating were confirmed. recently

  • Pterosaur:Find 200 Eggs

    Pterosaurus eggs found in China Two hundred Pterosaur eggs recently found in the Gobi Desert , in China, by a team of paleontologists, could shed new light on the understanding of these creatures that lived on our planet millions of years ago. The Pterosaurs, or winged lizards , or o

  • 10,000 Year Old Pastel Found in Great Britain

    The prehistoric pastel recently discovered in England Great Britain once again proves to be an inexhaustible source of prehistoric archaeological finds :It was buried under a few centimeters of peat for about 10,000 years, but was eventually found, a pastel recently unearthed by a team of

  • Oetzi was heart-sick

    Oetzi at the time of his discovery, in 1991, among the ice of Similaun Oetzi, primitive man also known as Mummy of the Similaun , continues to reveal so much about himself and, in this way, also about the very distant time in which he lived (see also

  • Prehistoric Sieves Found in Croatia

    The Neolithic sieves found in Croatia Found in Croatia ceramic objects , very similar to sieves, dating back to about 7200 years ago , in full Neolithic. traces of milk fatty acids are still present on them , the oldest so far found in the Mediterranean basin, which suggests that they

  • Payment Methods:Evolution from the Neolithic to the Information Age

    The payment methods they have existed for centuries and have always played an important role within societies. Their evolution over the years has been considerable:we have gone from simple and physical barter to the difficult and abstract world of technological innovations . The technologi

  • Meals based on elephants in the Paleolithic

    Remains of prehistoric elephants in the quarries of Revadim, Israel The meals of the men of the Paleolithic they also included elephant meat. This is documented by the recent discovery in the Revadim quarries , in Israel , of the remains of fat and ribs of the aforementioned animals th

  • Prehistory:40,000 Years Ago Bracelet Found

    The beautiful prehistoric bracelet found in Siberia In 2008, in the Denisova Cave , near the Altai mountains, in Siberia , the body of a woman was found wearing a jewel, a green chlorite bracelet, which now, after careful analysis and in-depth studies, has been found to date back to about

  • Paleolithic:Found Flowers Deposited on a Tomb 16,000 Years Ago

    The fossil pollen found on the tomb of the Red Lady in Spain The custom of bringing flowers to the dead is very ancient, more than we could have assumed, or probably, has existed since man himself has existed. The recent discovery is a clear demonstration of this , in a cave in Spain, of fo

  • Kenya:World's oldest stone tools discovered

    One of the ancient stone tools recently discovered in Kenya They were recently discovered in Kenya some stone tools whose precise purpose is still being examined by scholars. However, it is certain that they date back to 3.3 million years ago, so they are about 700,000 years older than those

  • Pollution of 400,000 Years Ago

    The fossil teeth found in Israel, containing the oldest traces of pollution found so far pollution its not just a modern problem, on the contrary. A recent discovery also contributes to demonstrating how old and consolidated the coexistence between human beings and harmful substances is occur

  • Sperm Found 50 Million Years Ago

    Sperm The spermatozoa of man survive for five days, but those produced by a small and unknown prehistoric worm now extinct have lasted much longer, as they were found intact by a group of archaeologists of various nationalities in Antarctica only a few months ago and are 50 million years old.

  • Did Neanderthal Man Use Hot Water at Home?

    Neanderthal man hot water a luxury of our times? It certainly seems not, at least judging by a recent discovery made by researchers from the Catalan Institute of Human Paleoecology and Social Evolution, who analyzing a prehistoric shelter on the site of Abric Romani in Catalonia (Spain), t

  • Google Remember the Finding of Lucy

    Reconstruction of the physiognomy of Lucy, the specimen of Australopithecus afarensis found in Africa 41 years ago Today Google celebrate with one of her beautiful doodle themed, the 41st anniversary of one of the most important discoveries always, the remains of an Australopithecus af

  • Discovered First Footprints of Homo Erectus

    The footprints of Homo erectus recently discovered in Eritrea A research coordinated by the University of Rome La Sapienza and the National Museum of Eritrea , led to the discovery of the first footprints of Homo erectus . These are traces left on the sand of a lake around which, 800,000

  • Find Prehistoric "Cigarettes"

    Prehistoric camp. Traces of rudimentary cigarettes have recently been found in one of them An interesting discovery recently covered a desert area in Utah (USA), where a team of scholars found a camp used by human hunters and gatherers who lived approximately 12,300 years ago. The most

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