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  • Ferrari:from the skies to the circuits. Why the Prancing Horse Symbol?

    This article has just come to Pills of History. I gladly publish it because it deals with a rather unique and not too well-known topic. What connection can there be between the first flight of the Wright brothers glider and Ferrari? To find out, you just have to read! The Prancing Hor

  • Wurstel:who invented this particular Sausage?

    Frankfurters We all know frankfurters and many of us, at least from time to time, eat them, but you know who invented them and why they are called that ? The term is of Viennese origin and in Italy we use it in reference to that particular type of sausage used, so to speak, to stuff sa

  • Armpit Hygiene at the beginning of the 1900s:a Recipe

    Old advertising. Armpit hygiene, at the beginning of the 1900s, did not include the use of modern deodorants Today the hygiene of the armpits passes through a thorough washing with soap and water and a generous spray of deodorant. This was not the case at the beginning of the 1900s. After a

  • Recipe for Dry Skin from an Early 1900s Beauty Manual

    Image of a woman from the early 1900s How about trying a recipe for dry skin completely natural albeit a little vintage ? Or maybe to follow some advice a little dated in this regard? On the female beauty manual To be beautiful ( Sonzogno, Milan, 1906 ) there are many suggestions

  • Greta Garbo:Short Biography of a Myth of Cinema

    Greta Garbo Greta Garbo she cannot be considered just an actress , but a real myth of world cinema. The nickname with which she went down in history, The Divine , perfectly conveys the idea of ​​the consideration that contemporaries already had of her talent. Below is an essential b

  • Becoming a successful Business Man? Three Characters to Draw Inspiration

    Steve Jobs:a man to follow to become a successful business man How to become a successful business man ? Being a renowned entrepreneur is the dream of many people, who have always wanted to make a career and build an empire on their own. However, it is a real undertaking, certainly not an ea

  • Gambling:from casinos to online casinos

    Gambling in Ancient Rome When you think of gambling the mind immediately runs to modern online casinos , safe and professional platforms that allow players to spend some pleasant hours in a digital context of fun. However, games of chance have a much more remote origin in time and, indeed, i

  • Claret Cup:English Drink according to Pellegrino Artusi's Recipe

    Claret Cup The one to prepare the Claret Cup, is recipe number 730 of the famous cooking manual by Pellegrino Artusi, La science in the kitchen - The art of eating well. It is an English drink that the great chef Italian of the 19th century defines pleasant and easy to perform. T

  • North / South controversy of Italy:"Is it the fault of the Southerners if the South is poorer than the North"? An Answer to Vittorio Feltri

    The eternal North / South controversy of Italy The eternal North / South Italy controversy it was back in vogue a few weeks ago, as you well know, due to the declarations issued by Vittorio Feltri. Host of a television program, the famous journalist, not new to certain, so to speak, improp

  • Tattoo on Left Shoulder:Sissi's Little Transgression

    Sissi played by Romy Schneider. The Empress had a tattoo Imagine the beautiful, diaphanous and unattainable Sissi with a tattoo ? Probably not, but you are wrong. The most fairytale-like princess ever was actually much less happy and sugary than the movies tell her ( see also: https://www.

  • Snipers:Why Are Sharpshooters Called That?

    Snipers during the First World War. The current term snipers derives from the Great War and from Emperor Franz Joseph of Habsburg You know why the snipers, or the sharpshooters , are they really called that? There are terms that we commonly use, ignoring them, almost always ignoring their or

  • Nancy Astor and Winston Churchill:a Funny Spat

    Lady Nancy Astor, Britains first female MP. Some verbal clashes in Parliament between you and Winston Churchill have remained famous Nancy Astor, born Nannie Witcher Keene in the United States of America, she was the first woman to run and be elected in England in the early 1900s, to be able t

  • Caravaggio:one of the most sensational thefts in the history of art

    Nativity with Saints Lorenzo and Francis of Assisi, the work by Caravaggio stolen in Palermo in 1969 Saturday, October 18, 1969, one of the most sensational thefts in the history of art took place in Palermo. The event took place inside the church of the Oratory of San Lorenzo, in the city c

  • Cauliflower with the use of Romagna:Recipe from "Artusi"

    The text by Pellegrino Artusi Romagna-style cauliflower is one of the many recipes taken from the text Science in the kitchen and the art of eating fine by Pellegrino Artusi. Here is the recipe verbatim: Divide a large ball of cauliflower, or two if they are small, into snacks that

  • Stewed Mushrooms:Recipe (Easy) by Pellegrino Artusi

    The cuisine of the past… The stewed mushrooms they are a classic side dish, but you want to try them in the way of Pellegrino Artusi ? The recipe below is taken from his famous text Science in the kitchen and the art of eating well. Textually: For the wet, those that are below mediocre

  • Grace Kelly:the incomparable Princess Grace of Monaco

    A beautiful close-up of Grace Kelly You want to know everything about Grace Kelly , the unforgettable Princess of Monaco , former Hollywood actress and wife of Rainier III ? Then read this interesting biographical article just arrived at Pills of History. The Princes of Monaco

  • Red Light Film:when was the First Screened in Italy?

    Female nude from the early 1900s. The first screening of a red light film in Italy dates back to 1901 The first red light film was screened in Italy on the evening of 25 October 1901 (see also The even

  • William Blackstone, the first Washing Machine Manufacturer (1874)

    An old model of washing machine. William Blackstones is dated 1874 The washing machine has a long history (see, but we can consider the American merchant William Blackstone the first manufacturer of these usefu

  • Milan:in the footsteps of Alessandro Manzoni

    Casa Manzoni in Milan One of the tours more interesting cultural events than Milan can offer to the visitor, is that of the places where most of the life of Alessandro Manzoni took place , the greatest modern Italian writer and one of the most illustrious artists and intellectuals of all tim

  • Marilyn Monroe's “Iced Out” Lingerie

    Marilyn Monroe. The actress used to keep the lingerie she wore in the freezer As a consummate diva and woman also famous for her beauty, Marilyn Monroe she knew very well how to preserve what Mother Nature had generously bestowed on her:an amazingly feminine physique. The breast was perhaps

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