Millennium History

Historical Figures

  • Gaspar Zúñiga and Acevedo

    Gaspar Zúñiga y Acevedo, 5th Count of Monterrey, 10th Viceroy of Peru . He was born in Bavilafuente (Salamanca) in 1562. Son of Don Jerónimo de Acevedo y Zúñiga, Count of Monterrey, and Doña Inés de Velasco. He was appointed to the viceroyalty of New Spain in 1595 and exercised the government of thi

  • Yahuar Huaca

    Yahuar Huaca , seventh king of Cuzco, son of Inca Roca. His original name was Tito Cusi Huallpa, but it is said that when he was very young he was kidnapped by the Ayarmaca ethnic group and sentenced to death, for which he began to cry with great emotion until tears of blood flowed from his eyes, a

  • Juan Pablo Viscardo y Guzmán

    Juan Pablo Viscardo y Guzmán fue hijo de Gaspar Viscardo y Guzmán y de Manuela Zea y Andía, nació el 26 de junio de 1748 en Pampacolca, partido de la provincia de Condesuyos en Arequipa. Sus antepasados españoles se remontaban al siglo XVII:uno de ellos -su bisabuelo Juan Viscardo de Guzmán- se hab

  • Federico Villarreal

    Federico Villarreal , was born in Túcume (Lambayeque) on August 3, 1850, in a very modest family. He began his studies in his hometown and then attended high school at the San José de Lambayeque National College. Due to the economic hardship he was going through, he was forced to work since his adol

  • Luis de Velasco

    Luis de Velasco , IX Viceroy of Peru. He was born in 1539 in Carrión de los Condes, the son of Don Luis de Velasco and Doña Ana de Castilla. With his father he traveled to Mexico when he was appointed to exercise the viceregal government of New Spain (1550-1564), and remained in said territory many

  • Mario Vargas Llosa

    Jorge Mario Pedro Vargas Llosa , was born on March 28, 1936 in the city of Arequipa. His parents were Ernesto Vargas, flight operator of the Panagra airline, and Dora Llosa, a lady from Arequipa. Mario Vargas Llosa began his primary studies at the La Salle school in Cochabamba (Bolivia). In 1945 his

  • Cesar Vallejo

    Cesar Vallejo Mendoza , was born in Santiago de Chuco, department of La Libertad, in the northern highlands of Peru, on March 16, 1892. He was the youngest of a family of eleven brothers, with ancestors linked to the priesthood. His parents were Francisco de Paula Vallejo Benites and María de los Sa

  • Abraham Valdelomar

    Pedro Abraham Valdelomar was born in lca on April 16, 1888 . Son of Amfiloquio Valdelomar and Carolina Pinto, he lived his childhood in the port of Pisco, which would influence his stories and his poems so much. At the age of five he traveled to Lima, where he completed his secondary education at t

  • Hipólito Unanue and Pavón

    Hipolito Unanue and Pavón , was born in Arica on August 13, 1755. Son of Miguel Antonio de Unanue y Montalivere and Doña Manuela Pavón y Salgado. He carried out his first studies under the direction of Dr. Osorio, a priest from Arica, and moved to Arequipa to pursue an ecclesiastical career at the S

  • Alfonso Ugarte

    Alfonso Ugarte Vernal , son of Narciso Ugarte and Rosa Vernal. He was born on August 2, 1847 and he died, heroically, at the age of 33 , defending the national flag from the hands of the enemy during the battle of Arica. Educated in mercantile schools in Valparaíso and Europe (1861-1867), he venture

  • Túpac Katari or Julián Apaza

    Túpac Katari or Julián Apaza, Aymara leader , born around 1750 in the town of Ayo Ayo, province of Sicasica (current department of La Paz in Bolivia). He works in modest trades, given his condition as an orphan from a very young age:sacristan, miner, baker, merchant. His constant relationship with t

  • Tupac Inca Yupanqui

    Tupac Inca Yupanqui was an Inca, son of Pachacutec and Mama Anahuarque . When he was approximately 16 years old, his father appointed him as correinante and he was an effective helper and collaborator. He was a born warrior and expanded the borders of the empire as an invincible conqueror. He first

  • Túpac Amaru II or José Gabriel Condorcanqui

    José Gabriel Condorcanqui Noguera, forerunner of independence , known as Tupac Amaru II . He was born in the Cuzco cacicazgo of Surimana, in the neighborhood of Arco Punco, on March 19, 1740 . He was the son of the legitimate union of the cacique Miguel Condorcanqui Usquiconsa with Doña Rosa Nogue

  • Flora Tristan

    Celeste María Flora Tristán was born in Paris on April 7, 1803 . She is the daughter of the Arequipeño Creole Don Mariano Tristán, a gentleman of well-known lineage and good wealth (brother of Don Pío Tristán, who was Viceroy of Peru, interim President of the Republic and Prefect of Arequipa). Her m

  • José de la Torre Ugarte

    Jose de la Torre Ugarte , was born in Ica on March 19, 1786. Son of José Estanislao de la Torre Ugarte, a Spaniard who arrived in Peru a few years ago and settled in Ica, where he met Mercedes Alarcón, Josés mother. He entered the University of San Marcos as a boarding student, where between 1809 a

  • Pedro de Toledo y Leyva

    Pedro de Toledo y Leyva (1585 – 1654) was the XV Viceroy of Peru and the first Marquis of Mancera. He was born in Madrid around 1585. Son of Don Luis de Toledo and Doña Isabel de Leyva. In his own words, he had grown up in the galleys, and the navy was his profession and hobby. He participated in th

  • Francisco de Toledo

    Francisco de Toledo (1515 -1582) was the 5th Viceroy of Peru and one of the most controversial figures in our colonial history. The trials of those who have studied his governmental work are quite diverse:some praise him as the supreme organizer of the viceroyalty (Roberto Levillier), others present

  • Julio César Tello

    Julio Cesar Tello Rojas , was born in Huarochirí (Lima) on April 11, 1880, in a home of modest social status. His parents were Julián Tello García and María Asunción Rojas Erques, who in addition to Julio César had eleven other children. He did his primary studies in Huarochirí and in 1893 he came t

  • José Bernardo de Tagle y Portocarrero

    Jose Bernardo de Tagle and Portocarrero , was born in Lima on March 21, 1779. Son of José Manuel de Tagle e Isasaga, third Marquis of Torre Tagle, knight of the order of Carlos III, and Josefa de las Mercedes Portocarrero y Zamudio. His early studies were conducted by private teachers. In 1801 his f

  • Antonio José de Sucre

    Antonio José de Sucre y Alcalá, was born in Cumaná (Venezuela) , on February 3, 1795. Son of don Vicente de Sucre y Urbaneja and doña María Manuela de Alcalá. His father was a supporter of the independence of his homeland and of America, as were his nine children, a position that cost them dearly, s

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