Millennium History

Historical Figures

  • Engelbert Humperdinck:The Musical Storyteller

    Engelbert Humperdinck, world-famous as a composer during his lifetime, is best known today for one opera:Hansel and Gretel. The late romantic died 100 years ago in Neustrelitz. At almost 40 years of age, he had the big hit:The fairy tale opera Hänsel und Gretel, premiered in Weimar in 1893, made th

  • Fritz Höger:master builder with bricks

    Hamburg and Hanover, Wilhelmshaven and Bad Zwischenahn:Many northern German cities have Fritz Höger and his Expressionism to thank for a landmark. A portrait. by Annette Volland The Chilehaus in Hamburg, the town hall in Wilhelmshaven, the indicator high-rise in Hanover, the hospital in Delmenhors

  • Henry the Lion - A Bavarian shapes the north

    In the middle of the 12th century, the duke, who came from the south, expands his power in the north. In 1142 he took over Braunschweig. In 1195 he died in his residence city of Brunswick. Not only in front of Dankwarderode Castle in Braunschweig, but also in front of the cathedral churches in Lübe

  • Murderer Fritz Haarmann throws Hanover into turmoil

    In 1924, 500 body parts were recovered from the Leine in Hanover. The police suspect the criminal Fritz Haarmann as the perpetrator. Under pressure he confesses. He was executed on April 15, 1925. by Levke Heed, A city holds its breath:in the spring of 1924, children in Hanover discover a h

  • Richard Gruner:The big G from the publishing house Gruner + Jahr

    Publisher, investor, multimillionaire:In 1965, Richard Gruner co-founded the Hamburg publishing house, which still bears his name as Gruner + Jahr GmbH. Gruner was born 95 years ago. by Irene Altenmüller, One of todays largest European publishing houses was created quite unspectacularly on

  • Uncomfortable and undeterred - the border crosser Günter Gaus

    Günter Gaus was a journalist, politician and the first permanent representative of the Federal Republic in the GDR. With his interview series Personal Information he wrote a piece of television history. by Carina Werner Whether Hans Magnus Enzensberger or Jürgen Habermas, the year 1929 produced nu

  • Willy Fritsch:The man for good times

    He was a silent film star and a talkie legend:Willy Fritsch. Together with Lilian Harvey, he became the first dream couple in German film in the early 1930s in films such as The Three from the Gas Station. At first it didnt look as if Fritsch would pursue a career as an actor when he was young. Aft

  • Versatile from Faust to Sesame Street to the metropolitan area

    Uwe Friedrichsen hunted white-collar criminals in Schwarz, Rot, Gold, excelled at the Hamburg theater or lent his voice to TV inspector Columbo. The actor passed away on April 30, 2016. There is hardly anything that this man has not done as an actor and speaker:In addition to his participation in c

  • Helga Feddersen:Big heart and big mouth

    On November 24, 1990, Helga Feddersen died of cancer in Hamburg. She is remembered by many as the Ulknudel of the nation. But the comedian was also a highly professional actress and author - and survived many strokes of fate. by Nicola Millies Born in Hamburg on March 14, 1930, the daughter of a m

  • Eberhard Fechner:chronicler of abysses and the everyday

    Eberhard Fechner is considered one of the most important German documentary filmmakers of the 20th century, and his documentary The Trial about the proceedings at Majdanek concentration camp is a masterpiece. Fechner died in Hamburg 30 years ago. Eberhard Fechner - born on October 21, 1926 in Liegn

  • Marion Gräfin Dönhoff - Forming opinions with courage

    Marion Gräfin Dönhoff was actively involved against the Nazi regime and was considered the most influential German publicist of the post-war period. The native of Hamburg set the course for Zeit. by Stefanie Grossmann The life of Marion Countess Dönhoff was marked by loss, resistance and escape. S

  • Heinrich Büssing:Pioneer on road and rail

    At almost 60, the entrepreneur Büssing from Nordsteimke switched to truck and bus construction. In 1904 he opened a bus line. by Simone Rastelli After a long entrepreneurial success story, more than 90 registered patents in the vita and a fortune in the account, the railway signal system and inter

  • Willy Brandt:Chancellor, citizen of the world - Nobel Peace Prize winner

    Resistance fighter, chancellor, party leader:Willy Brandt was one of the most important German politicians. On December 10, 1971, his merits were honored with the Nobel Peace Prize. A portrait of the Lübeck social democrat. by Nils Zurawski Governing Mayor of Berlin during the Berlin crisis, Chanc

  • Rolf Boysen:An impressive storyteller

    Rolf Boysen was one of the outstanding German actors:he played Nathan the Wise, Ulysses and Othello. His interpretation of King Lear became a legend. The Bayerischer Rundfunk called him seething giant. Born on March 31, 1920 in Flensburg and raised in Hamburg-Ottensen from the age of four, Boysen f

  • Outside the door:radio play 75 years ago for the first time on the radio

    The drama Outside the Door from 1947 is considered Wolfgang Borcherts greatest success. It was first broadcast on the radio 75 years ago - on February 13, 1947 - nine months before it hit the stage. by Marc-Oliver Rehrmann The Hamburger Kammerspiele are showing the world premiere of Outside the Do

  • Wolf Biermann:singer-songwriter, border crosser and Hamburger Jung

    Now Ive come from the rain to the liquid manure, said the singer-songwriter after his expatriation from the GDR. He went to the GDR voluntarily. Today he lives in Hamburg, where he was born 85 years ago. A portrait. The singer-songwriter and writer Wolf Biermann is a Hamburger Jung:He was born on N

  • Ernst Barlach:Visionary Sculptor of the 20th Century

    The victory of the spiritual over the earthly:a basic motif in Ernst Barlachs work between realism and expressionism. In addition to sculptures made of wood and bronze, his work includes prints, drawings, plays and novels. Ernst Barlach was born on January 2, 1870 in Wedel near Hamburg as the son o

  • Albert Ballin:The man who shaped Hapag

    From a poor background to a top manager:as general director, Albert Ballin from Hamburg makes Hapag the largest shipping company in the world. But his life ends tragically. by Dirk Hempel Around the middle of the 19th century, Stubbenhuk Street at the Port of Hamburg was a poor area where dock wor

  • Ernst Albrecht:Lower Saxony's smiling father

    From 1976 to 1990, the CDU politician Ernst Albrecht governed the state of Lower Saxony. Economically and socio-politically he drove his development forward. But there were also scandals in his era. A portrait. Ernst Albrecht was born in Heidelberg on June 29, 1930 and grew up near Bremen. The doct

  • Singer Alexandra:A short life and a mysterious death

    80 years ago the singer Alexandra was born. Her career with hits like My friend, the tree only lasted two years. In 1969 she had an accident in Tellingstedt, Schleswig-Holstein - her death remains a mystery. The singer Alexandra, whose real name is Doris Nefedov, is considered one of the biggest hi

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