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  • History Exercises on Ancient Egypt - With Answers

    Question 01 - Subsequent Technician - Palmas - IFTO - 2013/2 - The Egyptian Civilization began in the 4th millennium BC. but it was not until the 19th century that scholars had access to the written sources of Egypt, with the deciphering of the hieroglyphs by Jean Francois Champolion. From then on,

  • Exercises on Ancient Egypt - with feedback

    Question 01 - FUVEST 2015 - Examine these images produced in ancient Egypt: Apud Ciro Flammarion Santana Cardoso. Ancient Egypt. São Paulo:Brasiliense, 1982.The images reveala) the familiar character of agricultural cultivation in the Near East, given the scarcity of labor and the prohibition, in an

  • Exercises on the Roman Empire - with feedback

    Question 01 - UTFPR 2010-2 - Winter - The political history of Rome was marked by several moments of change. Octavius, after having exercised the government with exceptional powers since the war against Mark Antony, executed, in 27 BC, a successful maneuver:he renounced his powers in a session of th

  • History Exercises on the Roman Republic - With Answers

    Question 01 - IFS 2014.1 - Subsequent - During the Republic, Rome expanded towards the Mediterranean Sea, considering the consequences of this expansion tick the incorrect item.a) There was a great flow of wealth in Roman territory;b) Increase in slavery due to the arrival of new prisoners of war fr

  • History Exercises on the Byzantine Empire - UVA - with feedback

    Question 01 - UVA/2010.2 - The Byzantine Empire, also called Eastern Roman Empire, emerged through the division of the Roman Empire made by Theodosius in 395. The Byzantine Empire:A) knew a great commercial development and its capital, Constantinople, was one of the biggest entrepots of the time. B)

  • Exercises on the Late Middle Ages - with feedback

    Question 01 - PUCRS 2004.1 - Among the social, economic, political and cultural transformations that took place in Western Europe during the Late Middle Ages (11th to 14th centuries) it is NOT correct to cite A) the development of commercial capitalism. B) the progressive dissolution of servile work

  • Exercises on the High Middle Ages - with feedback

    Question 01 - UTFPR 2007 - Summer - “The process of gestation of Feudalism was quite long, going back to the Roman crisis of the 3rd century, passing through the constitution of the Germanic kingdoms in the 5th-6th centuries and the problems of the Carolingian Empire in the 9th century, to finally c

  • History exercises on feudal society - with feedback

    Question 01 - IFS 2014.1 - Graduation - The division of society into three orders – clergy, nobility and peasants – was a fundamental characteristic of feudalism and corresponded to a religious division of social organization. Regarding the characteristics of feudal society, it is incorrect to say

  • History Exercises on Feudalism - With Answers

    Question 01 - IFS 2018.1 - Subsequent - It cannot be considered as a generating factor for the formation of Feudalism in Western Europe:a) The urbanization generated by the barbarian invasions of the Roman Empire from the 5th century BC. b) Social, political and economic disintegration of the Wester

  • Exercises on the Aztecs - with feedback

    Question 01 - UFAM 2014/1 - Among the many societies on the American continent that reached the stage of civilization – with state political organization, imperialist territorial expansion, hierarchical social division, intensive agriculture – was the Aztec society, whose existence as an autonomous

  • History Exercises on the Mali Empire - with answer

    Question 01 - ENEM 2017 - In the African empire of Mali, in the 14th century, Timbuktu was the center of an international trade where everything was traded - salt, ivory slaves, etc. There was also a large trade in books on history, medicine, astronomy and mathematics, in addition to a large concent

  • History Exercises about the Kingdom of Ghana - with answers

    Question 01 - Mackenzie 2017/2 - Read the following texts:“From Tarkala to the city of Ghana, it takes three months to walk through an arid desert. In the country of Ghana, gold grows like plants in the sand, just like carrots. It is harvested at sunrise.” Ibn al-Fakih. Cited in:Alberto da Costa e S

  • Exercises on the Protestant Reformation - with feedback

    Question 01 - FATEC - 2018 - The Protestant Reformation would never have taken place if the Gutenberg press had not been created beforehand. “Luther would have used Twitter and Facebook in an exhaustive way if the networks had existed,” analyzes writer Benjamin Hasselhorn. “He was extremely desperat

  • Exercises on Absolutism - with feedback

    Question 01 - FUVEST 2004 - Transfer – Absolutism means:a) form of government in which the monarch is free from the control of other instances.b) system of government suited to the needs of the industrial bourgeoisie.c) type of power resulting from religious disputes within the scope of Protestanti

  • History Exercises on Mercantilism - With Answers

    Question 01 - UNIFENAS 2014/2 - Afternoon - Look around you. Unless you live in a grotto, you are likely to find something manufactured on the other side of the world. You are a globalized citizen. But transnational corporations havent been around since the dawn of time. Someone had to invent them.

  • History Exercises on the Congress of Vienna - with answer

    Question 01 - UVA/2012.2 - The Congress of Vienna had as main results:A) to help the independence movements in Latin America. B) the maintenance of conservative governments, the restoration of the old borders prior to the French Revolution and the repression of revolutionary movements. C) stop the i

  • Exercises on the Independence of the United States - with feedback

    Question 01 - FGV 2012 - “We consider (...) that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by the Creator with certain inalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That to secure these rights governments are instituted among men, which derive their just

  • Exercises on the Independence of the 13 English Colonies of North America - with feedback

    Question 01 - FUVEST 2015 - Transfer – The independence of the thirteen English colonies in North America, which gave rise to the United States of America, would motivate the emergence of other movements of separation between colonies and metropolises, as well as the claim for political rights that

  • Exercises on the Haitian Revolution - with feedback

    Question 01 - Mackenzie 2018/2 - “In August 1791, two years after the French Revolution and its consequences in São Domingos, the slaves revolted. In a struggle that lasted twelve years, they in turn defeated the local whites and the soldiers of the French monarchy. They also defeated a Spanish inv

  • Exercises on the Independence of Haiti - with feedback

    Question 01 - UNIFOR 2003.1 - Analyze the lyrics of the song that refers to one of the poorest countries in Central America, a former French colony, which was the precursor of independence in America in 1794-1806. And it doesnt matter if the eyes of the whole world can be for a moment focused on the

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