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  • The Sea Cloud:luxury yacht with an eventful history

    The Sea Cloud was a luxurious private yacht and warship. It accommodated millionaires, diplomats and soldiers. Todays cruise ship was launched at the Germania shipyard in Kiel on April 25, 1931. by Janine Kuehl The world has never seen anything like it:In 1931, a sailing ship entered the worlds oc

  • The Sedov - cargo ship, training ship, movie star

    The four-masted barque Sedov was launched in Kiel in 1921 as Magdalene Vinnen II. In 1937 she narrowly escaped sinking in a hurricane. Today the Sedov is one of the largest sailing ships in the world. With a length of 117.5 meters, the Sedov only has to admit defeat to a few other windjammers that

  • The Rickmer Rickmers:Hamburg's green lady

    The museum ship Rickmer Rickmers at the Hamburg Landungsbrücken is a landmark of the city. Since 2006, the former cargo ship has been the official ship post office of Deutsche Post. A rather unusual figurehead adorns the bow of the Rickmer Rickmers:Where lions, mermaids or knights brave the splashi

  • Terminus Homeport:The History of Beijing

    A legend of steel is back home:built in Hamburg in 1911, the Peking sailed the seas as a cargo ship until 1932. From 1974 she was a museum ship in New York. The Peking has been back in her home port since 2020. This is maritime history that is returning to the heart of the Port of Hamburg, said Ham

  • Paddle steamer veteran:The Kaiser Wilhelm

    The museum ship Kaiser Wilhelm is one of the oldest still operational paddle steamers in Germany. The passenger ship sailed on the Weser for 70 years. Today it sails across the Elbe near Lauenburg. When he is traveling on the Elbe, the cloud of smoke can be seen from afar and the volunteer crew on

  • From Padua to Kruzenshtern:last witness of an epoch

    In June 1926, the four-masted barque Padua was launched in Bremerhaven - as the last freight sailing ship in the world to be built entirely without an engine. After the war, the Russians renamed the ship Kruzenshtern. Like her well-known sister ships Pamir and Passat, the Padua is one of the legend

  • How the Wilhelm Pieck became the Greif

    She was the pride of the GDR and its only ocean-going sailing ship:the steel schooner brig Wilhelm Pieck. Today the sail training ship is called Greif after its home port in Greifswald-Wieck. The two-master was built in 1951 as a present for the 75th birthday of the then GDR President Wilhelm Pieck

  • Circumnavigation:The Eye of the Wind

    The Eye of the Wind has been at home on the seven seas for more than a century. The long history of the sailing ship begins in 1911 in Brake on the Lower Weser. There the two-master is launched as the topsail schooner Friedrich. Until 1923, the Friedrich sailed the Baltic and North Seas as a cargo

  • Always under steam:Icebreaker Elbe

    The Elbe, built in 1911, is the last roadworthy, steam-powered river icebreaker in Germany. Today, as a historic excursion boat, it makes history come alive. In the past, the Elbe crushed the ice floes during harsh winters, but today it only travels in the warmer months of the year. The old steamsh

  • Cap San Diego:Hamburg's floating landmark

    With its elegant white and red body, the Cap San Diego is more reminiscent of a huge yacht. The express freighter was launched in Finkenwerder 60 years ago. It has been a museum ship in Hamburg since the late 1980s and has shaped the panorama. The Cap San Diego is a true Hamburger:The general cargo

  • Alex II:training ship under green sails

    The Alexander von Humboldt II is one of the youngest tall ships from Germany. Like the Gorch Fock of the German Navy, the Alex II is also a training ship - but usually for civilian purposes. On September 24, 2011, the successor to the legendary Alexander von Humboldt I was christened Alexander von

  • Green sails:The Alexander von Humboldt

    With its striking green sails and green hull, the Alexander von Humboldt was the star on the seven seas and in the TV commercials of a Bremen beer producer for years. But the ship did not always cross the seas as a windjammer. It wasnt originally green either, but fiery red. Because the three-maste

  • Gorch Fock:The History of the Navy Training Ship

    As the white swan of the Baltic Sea, the Gorch Fock - the sail training ship of the German Navy - traveled the seven seas from 1959. The renovation of the three-masted barque became a debacle. Now the traditional sailing ship is back in its home port of Kiel. On August 23, 1958, tens of thousands o

  • The adventurous story of the Gorch Fock (I)

    The adventurous story of the Gorch Fock (I) The Gorch Fock predecessor Gorch Fock (I) was built in Hamburg in 1933, later sunk and raised again. Today she is a museum ship in the port of Stralsund. Anyone who hears the ship name Gorch Fock in Germany usually thinks of the well-known training ship

  • The St. Georg:Germany's oldest seaworthy steamship

    The steamer, built in 1876, has changed its name several times. Since 1994, the St. Georg has been sailing regularly on her home territory:the Hamburg Alster. The St. Georg is the only classic Alster steamer that actually deserves this name because of its engine, which is still purely steam-powered

  • The Schaarhörn:Hamburg's elegant steamer

    With its slightly curved hull and the gold-decorated bow, the Scharhörn is a particularly elegant ship. The steamer built in 1908 is one of the gems among Hamburgs museum ships. The ship doesnt have such a stylish appearance without reason:the Scharhörn was originally intended primarily as a so-cal

  • Legendary freighter:the Passat

    The Flying-P-Liner, built in 1911, was one of the fastest cargo ships in the world. Today the four-masted barque Passat is in Travemünde - as a witness of a bygone era. She is a maritime legend - although she has not sailed the seas for more than half a century:the Passat. Alongside the Peking, whi

  • The Mir - The fast tall ship from Russia

    With a total length of almost 110 meters and around 2,800 square meters of sail area, the Mir is one of the largest sailing ships in the world. The training ship, launched in 1987, is also one of the worlds fastest tall ships. The Mir is the third of six modern sailing ships built by the Lenin Ship

  • Christian Radich:White sailor from Norway

    After decades as a training ship, the Christian Radich has been in charter service since 1999. Still participates in tall ship meetings and regattas. The shipowner and cavalry officer Christian Radich did not live to see his dream come true:Nine years before his death, the Norwegian commissioned th

  • Grand Duchess Elisabeth:From a world first to a landmark

    When it was launched in 1909, the motorized freighter was a world first as the San Antonio. The three-master came to Elsfleht in 1982 as Ariadne. On June 12, the school and cruise ship is christened Grand Duchess Elisabeth. by Irene Altenmüller On March 14, 1982, there was a folk festival atmosphe

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