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Pterosaur:Find 200 Eggs

Pterosaurus eggs found in China

Two hundred Pterosaur eggs recently found in the Gobi Desert , in China, by a team of paleontologists, could shed new light on the understanding of these creatures that lived on our planet millions of years ago.

The Pterosaurs, or winged lizards , or of gigantic reptiles , they were the largest living beings to have ever flown, at least among all those known to date; their wingspan was around 3.5 meters, but for the largest specimens it could even reach eleven.

Not much is known about the life habits of the species, for example about how they got food and how they looked after their offspring, so it is hoped that this new discovery, after careful analysis and research, can finally help in this sense and fill at least some gap.

Certainly, Pterosaurs went extinct about 66 million years ago, along with dinosaurs.

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