Historical Figures

15. Vallabhbhai used to give his things to others

Just as Vallabhbhai had given his ticket to travel to London to Vithalbhai, in the same way he gave his Godhra house to his cousin Kashibhai. He had got this practice from childhood, when sweets or new clothes came in the house, then he would be divided among other brothers and sisters and Vallabhbhai would have been satisfied.

This practice was useful in elevating his life. In fact, there were three main elements in Vallabhbhai's nature, one was that he would give it to anyone who asked for him, secondly he loved his family very much and thirdly he would ask for any object or facility for himself. Never used to quarrel with anyone about it.

Even in Yerwada Jail when he was with Gandhiji, leaving behind his convenience and needs, he focused only on serving Gandhiji. Even when Vallabhbhai fell ill, he refused to ask for parole from the jail.

Later, three times he gave the chair of the Congress President's post to others as per Gandhiji's wish, and even left the chair of the Prime Minister of India to Jawaharlal Nehru and himself continued to serve the nation with a solemn spirit.