Historical Figures

10. Vallabhbhai studied the tactics of the litigants closely

The advocacy of those days in itself demanded a different kind of skill. The British officers all the time tried to implicate those Indians in a false case which would threaten the British Raj. Government officials used to impose false cases on every person who would hinder the fulfillment of their selfishness. People also had a tendency to set up false and true cases to take revenge on each other.

There was no end to the corruption of the police in the British Raj. That's why the handcuffs of the police did not pass. She used to eat acrobatics like nuts by eating money from both the sides, due to which the cases were protracted and people were trapped in them.

There was also a tendency among lawyers to prolong the trial as much as possible so that there is a permanent source of income. In this way the injustice, tyranny and oppression on the people was not beyond.

They were losing their earnings, fixed assets and life's comforts by being trapped in the cases going on in various courts. Vallabhbhai studied the attitude of all those people and the tactics they used, and practiced using that knowledge in his cases.

Vallabhbhai was exceptional in bookish knowledge but in practical knowledge he was above all lawyers. Due to this he was able to get relief to his clients in most of the cases.