Historical Figures

1. Sardar Patel was a descendant of Lord Shri Ram

Sardar Patel was born on 31 October 1875 in Nadiad town of Kathiawar (Gujarat) where his maternal grandmother was. Sardar's native village Karamsad, He was in Borsad tehsil of Kheda district of Gujarat where his father Jhaberbhai Patel used to do farming. It was a Gujarati Leva Patel family. Leva describes himself as a descendant of Lava, the son of Lord Shri Ram. The Leva caste was a Kshatriya caste residing in Punjab, which at some point started living in Gujarat. Vallabhbhai's ancestors came to be known as Leva Patel due to his belonging to the Patidar branch of the Leva caste. A large number of people of this dynasty reside in Gujarat. People of this caste participated enthusiastically in the first freedom struggle of 1857 in large numbers. Jhaberbhai also joined the army of Rani Laxmibai of Jhansi and fought against the British. After Lakshmibai was defeated, Jhaberbhai was taken prisoner by the soldiers of Malharrao Holkar, the ruler of Indore.

When Jhaberbhai was taken prisoner to Malharrao Holkar, At that time Malharrao, Was busy playing chess, So soldiers, He stood silently with the captive. Jhaberbhai also stood silently watching the game of the Maharaja. In a short while Malharrao got caught in a trick and started seeing his defeat. Jhaberbhai was a skilled chess player. He suggested a trick to Malharrao, Due to which the dice turned and Malharrao, The lost bet won. He ordered the immediate release of Jhaberbhai. Jhaberbhai returned to his village and started farming. This family had 10 acres of land on which this family lived by farming. Sardar Patel was born in this family.