Historical Figures

12. Education of Sawai Jai Singh

Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh was a scholar of high order. Along with Sanskrit and Persian languages, he was also proficient in mathematics, geometry, astronomy and astrology. He gave shelter to many scholars. He brought many eminent scholars from places like Maharashtra, Telangana and Banaras to Jaipur and established a settlement called Brahmapuri in Jaipur and gave residence to those scholars. Raja Jaisingh sent two men named Muhammad Sharif and Muhammad Mehri abroad to collect the manuscripts. He was given the task of finding and bringing manuscripts related to mathematics and astrology so that after studying the activities of the constellations, accurate data could be collected and on the basis of them the purest calculating instruments could be prepared.

Around 1725 AD, Jai Singh made a pure table of constellations and named it 'Jich-e-Muhammadshahi' after the emperor Muhammad Shah. These tables are called Panchang. Jai Singh received the knowledge of astrology from an astrologer named Jagannath and himself composed an astrological book named 'Jaisingh Karika'. Jagannath translated the famous book Elements related to geometry by a scholar named Euclid into Sanskrit language with the inspiration of Jai Singh. Jagannath translated the Persian translation of Ptolemy's famous book 'Citaxis' into Sanskrit under the name 'Siddhanta Samrat'. It is also called 'Siddhant Saar Kaustubh'. Inspired by Jai Singh, the astrologer Kewalram translated the logarithm from French into Sanskrit, which is called 'Department Table'. Nayan Mukhopadhyay translated the Arabic text 'Ukar' into Sanskrit language. Many other texts were also composed, in which Mithya Jiva Chhaya Table, Duk Paksha Granth, Tara Sarani etc. are prominent. Pundarik Ratnakar composed 'Jaisingh Kalpaduram', which gives a good description of the society and politics of the time.

Many scholars lived in the court of Sawai Jai Singh. They have praised the Maharaja's rule with one voice. Poet Nemichand has written-

Ambavati Putra Than Sawai Jaisingh Maharaji.

Patisah Rakhai Maan Raj Karai Parivar Myun.

Mercy seals always, Barry has won all jeer toh

The glory of the straw is exceeding, the Hindu's leaf is Rakhan met.

Take Shravak everyone happy, Nav Nidhi is your storehouse.

The mind wants to enjoy the pleasures, do not know the sorrows, then there is no anchor.

Poet Khushalchand has written-

Finding the country, know the essence, tamin dharma tanum rights.

Bisan Singh Sut Jaisingh Rai, Raj Karai Sab Kun Sukh Rai.

Poet Bakhtram Sah has written in Wisdom Vilas-

Bis Spandha Nrup Kaibhaye, Sri Jayaspandha Narinda.

Tinhin Sawai Pad Diau, Delhi Surpati Hind.

Chaturanga Dal, Rath Pamak Gaj Baji for company.

Order Shree Jai Spandh Nrip, Chade Gahoun Pai Saji.

contact with foreign scholars

Jai Singh called Portuguese, French and German scholars to Jaipur and got information about the knowledge developing in them. Purchased books from there and got them acquainted with that knowledge to the people of Jaipur. Many foreign scholars used to work in the observatories built by Jai Singh. He also got the British funnel-like instruments, maps and globes from Surat. He requested the King of Portugal through the Viceroy of Goa to send a scientific doctor to Jaipur. On his request, doctors named Menol Figueredo and Pedro da Silva Leitao were sent from Goa to Jaipur on 6 November 1730. Jai Singh sent Menol Figueredo to Portugal by giving him enough money so that he could buy texts and instruments from Portugal. The grandson of Pedro da Silva was known as Hakim Chevar. At the invitation of Jaisingh, the French scholars Claude Boudier, Ande Straubl of Bavaria and Antoine Gebel Sperger visited Jaipur.