Historical Figures

Charles VIII(1470 - 1498)

Charles VIII was the son of Louis XI and Charlotte of Savoy. On the death of his father, his sister Anne de Beaujeu took over his guardianship. A rebellion of princes led by Louis II of Orléans triggers the Mad War. Charles marries Anne de Bretagne (daughter of François II), initially promised to the powerful Maximilien de Habsbourg. He signs three treaties with the King of England, the King of Aragon and the Germanic Emperor to ensure his claims in Italy. In 1494 Charles VIII became King of Naples and Jerusalem. Then began the first Italian war (1494-1497). The league of Venice forced the French to withdraw. Following the Battle of Fornoue, Charles VIII managed to escape his enemies. After his death, his cousin the Duke of Orléans, Louis XII, succeeded him.

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