Historical Figures

Childeric II(653 - 675)

Second son of Clovis II and Bathilde. The Neustrians put to death the usurper, Childebert the Adopted, as well as his father, Grimoald, and imposed Childeric II on the throne of Austrasia. He reigns then under the control of the mayor of the palace, Wulfoald. In 673, on the death of Clotaire III, Ébroïn (mayor of the palace of Neustria), takes to succeed Clotaire III, Thierry III. The Great ones rise up and call on Childeric II to govern them. Childéric had Ébroïn and Thierry III sheared before locking them up in a monastery. During a hunting party, Childeric II and his wife, who was expecting a child, were probably murdered by supporters of Ébroïn.