Historical Figures

Chilperic I (539 - 584)

The youngest and most enterprising son of Clotaire. On the death of his father, he leads Neustria and tries to seize the treasure of Paris. He marries Galswinthe, one of the daughters of the Visigoth king (sister of Brunehaut). But maintaining an affair with Frédégonde, the two lovers decide to suffocate the young queen to get married. This led to a struggle between Sigebert (Austrasia) and Chilpéric (Neustria). He ended up receiving the support of his brother Gontran. As Sigebert began to receive support, he was assassinated by two of Fredegonde's henchmen. The king stops at nothing, he kills his own son who had the audacity to marry Brunehaut. Returning from the hunt, Chilpéric is assassinated by a stranger who plants a scramasax in his armpit (in the same way as Sigebert).