Historical Figures

Antoine Laurent and Marie-Anne de Lavoisier

Considered the father of modern chemistry, Antoine Laurent nevertheless has a multifaceted career:he has notably been a lawyer and has worked on geology. In 1779, he became inspector general at the General Farm (tax collection for kings).
A brilliant character, he was elected to the Academy of Sciences at the age of 25. He establishes that air is a mixture of different gases, and discovers the composition of water. He also revolutionized scientific working methods, with the aim of developing precision instruments (scales, gasometers, etc.).

Marie-Anne is the daughter of a general farmer. Sent to the convent in her youth, she became the wife of Antoine Laurent in 1771. A true collaborator of her husband, she assisted him in the laboratories. Woman of science, she participates in the writing of works:she is the author of the drawings on board, as in the manual of the Elementary Treaty of Chemistry (1789).

In 1794, for his work carried out at the General Farm, Antoine Laurent was tried by the revolutionary government and executed. Marie-Anne continues to write the Memoirs of Chemistry unfinished work of her husband, thus testifying to his great intellectual qualities in this field.

1743 (Antoine Laurent); 1758 (Marie-Anne) - 1794 (Antoine Laurent); 1836 (Marie-Anne)




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