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Charles VII

Charles VII, son of King Charles VI, was disinherited in favor of the English heir Henry VI of Lancaster during the Hundred Years War by the Treaty of Troyes (1420). Married to Marie d'Anjou in 1422, with whom he would have 13 children, he would also have 4 children with his mistress Agnès Sorel, whose beauty earned him his first nickname:le Bien Servi.

Cut off in Chinon, he receives a young girl, Jeanne la Pucelle dit Jeanne d'Arc, who pushes him to take back the crown. She liberates Orléans and leads Charles VII to the throne. He was thus crowned in Reims on July 17, 1429. From then on, Charles VII undertook to reconquer his kingdom. In 1435, he signed the Peace of Arras which ended the fighting between Armagnacs and Burgundians. In 1445, he reformed the army and created ordinance companies (the king's permanent army). This permanent army will largely contribute to the French victory. In 1453, he recovered Aquitaine from the English (victory of Castillon, 1453) and ended the conflict where it had begun 116 years earlier, which explains his second nickname, the Victorious.

1403 - 1461


Head of State

King of France

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