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Emperor Theodosius

Originally from Spain, of high birth, Theodosius 1 st says the Great is the son of Theodosius "Senior". He follows his father on the military path and is illustrated during his fight against the Sarmatians (people coming from present-day Russia). After the assassination of his father and the death of the Roman emperor Valens, the emperor Gratian named Theodosius co-emperor of the East, the empire sometimes leading several. If he fights then integrates the barbarians into the Empire, he against paganism (religion of those who are not Christians) by the edict of Thessalonica (380) by promulgating the Christian religion as the state religion. He convened the Council of Constantinople in 381 to pursue the foundations of Christianity. He fights against polytheism and has the temples closed. Henceforth any other religion is proscribed (392). Victorious over the usurpers Maximus and then Eugene in 394, Theodosius the Great established relative stability and was the last emperor to have briefly ruled the unified Roman Empire alone. His death in 395 led to the division of the Empire which fell to his two sons, Arcadius and Honorius. This split of the Empire, in reality already initiated by the collegiate power, will be final.

Around 347 - 395


Head of State

Roman Emperor

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