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Julius Caesar

Of patrician descent (upper class Roman citizen), Julius Caesar claims to be the descendant of Iule, son of the legendary Aeneas and grandson of Venus! Opposing Sylla who then leads the Republic, Caesar is forced into exile. He did not return until his death and began a dazzling political career. Pontiff, quaestor, propraetor, he formed the first triumvirate in Roman history with Pompey and Crassus (-60) which allowed him to be named consul (-59). He then sets off in search of military glory. A fine strategist, he has a string of victories:Gaul, Italy, Greece, Spain, Egypt and Cleopatra, Africa... He reigns supreme over the Mediterranean (Crassus is dead and Caesar has defeated Pompey). Imperator , that is to say, a victorious general, he arrogates full powers to himself. It operates social, urban planning, political measures, modernizing the institutions of the Republic. Although dictator for life, he wishes to be king. Fearing a tyranny, the senators assassinated him in full session, on March 15, 44 BC. Divinized by the apotheosis (in Rome, the apotheosis is the deification of an emperor), crowned with glory, Caesar is also become a title (Kaiser, Tsar).

July 12 or 13, 100 or 101 BC - March 15, 44 BC



Roman Dictator

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