Historical story

Dirty, hungry and abused? Learn the truth about the life of medieval peasants!

Slave labor for the local aristocracy, attachment to the land and lack of personal freedom were the everyday life of medieval peasants. However, this brutal truth about their vile existence is only one side of the coin. Do you know how peasants lived in the dark ages?

Have you ever wondered what life was like in a medieval village? Who were its inhabitants? What did they do? What did they eat? How did they dress? How did they maintain hygiene and did they do it at all? How exactly did their everyday life look like? All these secrets are revealed to us by the great researchers of this era, Joseph and Frances Gies.

We meet the villagers at work and during rural celebrations. We sit with them at the table and in the church pews. We get to know what serfdom is and what the relationship between the master and the peasant looked like. We also get to know the countryside as one of the first modern societies that laid the foundations for modern civilization.

Are you fascinated by the Middle Ages? All its secrets are revealed to us by researchers of this era, Joseph and Frances Gies in the book " Life in a medieval village " "(Sign Horizon 2018).

Two respected historians once again take us on a fantastic journey through the medieval times, which invariably delights and surprises.

You are watching Game of Thrones ? The inspiration for George R. R. Martin in creating the fascinating world of A Song of Ice and Fire came from the Middle Ages. At that time, his readings also included the books of the Gieses. Today, each of us can follow in his footsteps in search of what inspired him.

Life in a medieval village is the sequel to this magnificent trilogy, and must-read for history buffs and any admirer of George R. R. Martin's work.