Historical story

Rival queens. An amazing story of women who were connected by blood and shared by politics

Mother and daughter. One is cunning and power-hungry. The second is elegant and passionate. They lived in a world full of intrigue. Apart from the royal title, they had little in common. Their conflict shaped the history of 16th century Europe. This is the thrilling fate of Catherine de Medici and Queen Margot!

Catherine, coming from the powerful Florentine Medici family, was famous for her Machiavellian politics and ruthless ambitions. She dominated the throne of France for thirty years during which the kingdom was torn apart by political and religious clashes.

Her youngest daughter, Margaret, widely admired as one of the most beautiful women in Europe, was a stubborn, free spirit and the only opponent whose mother failed to intimidate or subdue.

You can find all of this in Nancy Goldstone's book, Queen's Rivals. Catherine de Medici and Queen Margot "(Wyd. Prószyński i S-ka 2016).

Under the pretext of reconciliation, Katarzyna arranged the marriage of the fervent Catholic girl Margaret and her cousin Henryk of Navarre, the leader of the Protestant party. Just five days after the ceremony, she initiated a brutal slaughter during which all of the groom's wedding guests and over five thousand Protestants throughout France lost their lives.

Margaret - captivating, intelligent and generous - faced a moving decision on which the fate of the entire kingdom depended.

Nancy Goldstone's book, Rival Queens, is a detailed and eloquent, vivid tale of power and love, great politics, courtly intrigue, betrayals, crimes and the great scandals of Renaissance France.

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