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Silesian Uprisings 1919-1920-1921. The unknown Polish-German war

Last updated:2022-07-25

It was August 15, 1919. The crowd of miners who had been waiting for a payment for many hours lost their patience and entered the Mysłowice mine square. German Grenzschutz units opened fire on unarmed people.

According to official data, six people died, including two children, and the Mysłowice massacre became a spark that started an open conflict over the most valuable and economically developed lands inhabited by Poles at that time.

Ryszard Kaczmarek, an incomparable expert on the history of Silesians, describes the Silesian Uprisings as the unknown Polish-German war.

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Silesian Uprisings ... they consist of Poles in the Wehrmacht and Poles in the Kaiser army , for a large triptych that allows you to get to know and fully understand the historical conditions of the complicated Silesian identity.

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