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Salanti:The first hotel for nudists in Greece and its history

It is commonly accepted that often the behavior of locals towards tourists may not be governed by the basic rules of hospitality.

Often society is not ready to accept something that is way ahead of its time.

A typical case was "Salanti". ", which, in 1980, was the first hotel for nudists in Greece. Built during the Septuagint era on a secluded and beautiful Argolis beach, it aspired to attract tourism from all over Europe. As it happened, but for a while, as the owner had calculated without the innkeeper... "Salanti" was addressed exclusively to the numerous lovers of nudism throughout Europe. The hotel was fenced off to prevent any contact between the nudists and the residents of the neighboring village of Didymi, five kilometers away, and also to prevent the attraction of voyeurs (who… hired a coach from Athens). However, the reactions of the local community and especially of the church that took the lead and spoke of "sodomites, satans and devils", were strong. In fact, politicians were also mobilized to help with the ambitious project, while the issue also occupied the press.

In the end, the inhabitants of the village rebelled and arrived in boats at the beach where the nudists were, whom they chased away. As a result, the tourists left and the hotel closed that same summer – the "damage" also involved three other hotels in the wider area, which soon closed. In the following years the hotel operated as a "normal" hotel but never managed to get back on its feet.

Today the Salanti hotel remains looted and closed. However, it is worth mentioning that just one year later most of the inhabitants of the village of Didymi appeared "regretful" for the reactions that were caused then, but also for the loss of 160 jobs.

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