History of Asia

The reason why samurai have come to be heavily used

Emperor Shirakawa, Emperor Toba, Emperor Go-Shirakawa Cloister rule that lasted for three generations Has been going on for over 100 years. This cloister rule Ended after Taira began to participate in politics in earnest ..

So why Taira Has come to participate in politics? ??

Before we know how that happened, let's take a look at why samurai have come to be heavily used.

Local situation

Politics is confused not only in the central area but also in the rural areas, and many conflicts are occurring. Let's sort it out a little.

  • 939 Taira no Masakado (Kanto) / Fujiwara no Sumitomo's Ran (Setouchi Sea)

The military power of the imperial court is revealed

  • 1019 Toi Invasion (Kyushu)

⇒ Kyushu samurai repel

Samurai in local troubles The aristocrats who knew the power of Takiguchi no Musha Miyanaka guard, aristocratic personal guard, city guard like (guarding Seiryoden) I will hit you.

  • 1028 Taira no Tadatsune's Ran (Kazusa)

⇒ Seiwa Genji's Minamoto no Yorinobu Suppresses the turbulence

The opportunity for Genji to advance to the eastern country

  • 1051-62 9 years ago battle (Rikuoku)

The conflict between Kokushi and Mutsu's powerful Abe

Minamoto no Yorinobu Son and grandson Yoriyoshi And Yoshiya Is Dewa Kiyohara With the help of

Lead and destroy the samurai of the eastern country

  • 1083-87 Gosannen War (Mutsu / Dewa)

Internal conflict of the Kiyohara clan

⇒ Yoshiya helps Kiyohira Fujiwara to settle internal conflicts

After these conflicts, Seiwa Genji Is the building of the Togoku Bushidan However, the imperial court, which was afraid of this momentum, was afraid of its power and Genji Prohibition of donations to. Furthermore, Yoshiya After his death, internal conflicts occurred, and for a while Genji The power of is declining.

Appearance of monk soldiers

  • 8th-9th centuries

Shoki-shōen Develops

⇒We increased the number of villas that were cultivated on our own and by buying and donating, but

Gradually it becomes impossible to secure a labor force and it declines

  • Around the 10th century

Right of non-transportation / non-entry (You don't have to pay taxes and you can refuse on-site investigations)

Acquired by Daijisha

  • Around the 11th century ~

Non-transportation / non-entry Donation-based villas Increases

On the other hand, around the same time

  • Political corruption
  • Frequent disasters in the 9th century

Due to these circumstances, security deteriorates. At that time, the target of looting is still an economically affluent place. Naturally, temples and shrines are also targeted.

As a result, temples and shrines are becoming more armed for self-defense It will be.

As the times progressed to the end of the Heian period, monk soldiers Becomes a powerful armed group and develops into a power struggle between temples against the background of that armed force, or imperial court And regents Goso trying to push the opinion by doing something close to threatening to "hit Buddha punishment (or divine punishment)" Or ...

It looks like you're doing whatever you want.

Pope Shirakawa who had considerable power in the imperial court Even, one of the three things that doesn't go as planned is Hieizan Enryakuji monk soldier . I was giving it.

Actually cloister rule Goso of the period Only 60 times, not only armed forces but also the priest who was priestly priest can not be priesthood, and above all, the influence on the surroundings when the punishment is actually lowered as a result of being priesthood is immeasurable. not.

Therefore, the institute will take one step to manage the influence of temples and shrines on politics.


Samurai is the move taken to curb the political impact on temples and shrines. It is the promotion of. Since the end of the Heian period, the two major forces that support the military power of medieval Japan are samurai and monk soldiers .. That samurai Utilizing monk soldiers I was trying to hold down.

Samurai Is not afraid of divine punishment or Buddhist punishment, goso Samurai to hold down The promotion of is the most effective. Emperor Shirakawa Also organized a group of samurai to serve as a personal guard for his emeritus and for his pilgrimage. Samurai on the north side because the north side of the emperor's palace (house) was used as a station. Is called. Also, Genpei's samurai aide I was wearing it.

For this reason, samurai have come to be heavily used.