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Toshitsune Maeda, the second feudal lord who protected Kaga Hyakumangoku while being under the supervision of the Shogunate

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The Kaga domain is a Tozama Daimyo Despite being in the position of saying, Misanke I was receiving high treatment equivalent to. Even though the Shogunate issued the Law of One Castle, it was treated exceptionally, such as the recognition of two castles in one country.

However, it seems that such high treatment was not even from the beginning of the establishment of the shogunate, and it seems that the shogunate was also paying attention at first. It was the second feudal lord Toshitsune Maeda who saved the pinch of such a feudal clan. was.

Toshitsune Maeda Is Toshiie Maeda Born as the fourth son of, but because his mother was his concubine, Maeda Nagatane I was brought up under. For that reason, Toshitsune first met his real father in 1598, before Toshiie died.

After the Battle of Sekigahara, the Shogunate was established in Edo and the Bakuhan system When was laid, the Kaga Maeda clan became the first feudal lord of the Kaga feudal lord, Toshinaga Maeda. However, Toshinaga had no boys, so Toshitsune was adopted and succeeded to the family. In addition, Hidetada Tokugawa's daughter, Tamahime, was greeted in his regular room, and his relationship with the Shogun family was strengthened.

A pinch of the Kaga domain with the attention of the shogunate

The Maeda family welcomed the daughter of the Shogun family to the main room, but as a daimyo, Tozama Daimyo And because it was a major force of 1.2 million stones, it was always watched by the shogunate.

At that time, Toshitsune's residence, Kanazawa Castle, struck a fire and had to undergo repair work. The shogunate who noticed this is the Kaga domain is planning a rebellion by solidifying the castle I have made a difficult habit.

This is 1631 It was that.

For the Kaga domain [ Kanei's crisis ] Is called, and it stands in a big pinch in the history of the domain reform. Toshitsune, the feudal lord, explained to Edo, and although his vassals were struggling, Toshitsune was reminded that the Kaga feudal clan was always monitored by the shogunate.

The beginning of the fool

After this incident, Toshitsune begins to behave strangely.

He withdraws to the Edo mansion and continues to play. In short, [ Fool 】It will become.

He is far from being a master, and is said to have kept his nose hair straight.

Seeing Toshitsune's dignity and humility as a lord, his aides try to get him straightened with that hand (his nose hair), but Toshitsune trims his nose hair. not.

One day, Toshitsune finally opens a heavy mouth by the time he presents his nose hair remover.

"I know I'm said to be an idiot with straightened nose hair, and I know you guys are trying to get my nose hair tidy. However, this nose hair is for protecting Kaga 1 million stones and making you live in peace! 』

This is the Maeda family's traditional [Utsuke]. It was Toshitsune's strategy of daring to pretend to be stupid and distract the eyes of surveillance.

What is Maeda Toshitsune's favorite?

Toshitsune's luck was terrible.

Ironically that he didn't appear because of illness, he rolled up his hakama and exposed his crotch [ I wonder if it hurts here . ] And excuses, [ Piss prohibited, fine in Edo Castle ] When I found the bill, I did whatever I wanted, such as pissing.

The excuse for such standing urine is "Is the daimyo enduring urine with fine regrets! I heard he was saying.

As expected, the shogunate side is also such a bad guy I can't get my hands on it.

That was exactly what Toshitsune was aiming for.

Toshiie Maeda My cousin Keiji Maeda It is called (Keiji), and the Maeda family is a family with no shortage of episodes of Kabukimono.

On the other hand, for 50 years, he focused on the domain reform and focused on the protection and development of traditional culture such as arts and crafts.

This became the cornerstone of the culture of Kaga 1 million stones.