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[Kanetsugu Naoe] Sengoku warrior of the helmet of love! What is the truth behind it?

Kanetsugu Naoe ( Naoe Kanetsugu ) Is a difficult name to remember, but it is very well known and popular.

It's a big thing that I became the leading role in the Taiga drama, but it's amazing that I became the leading role in the first place. He is only a vassal who serves his lord.

After all helmet with the letters "love" Impact. This has ignited popularity. It's very impressive and very cool even today!

This time, I would like to introduce Mr. Kanetsugu Naoe, a military commander of Sengoku.

Let's go.

Kanetsugu Naoe has always been with his master, Kagekatsu Uesugi!

Birth and death 1560-1619

Sekigahara ( Sekigahara ) The battle takes place in 1600.

4-6 years old Around Kenshin Uesugi ( Uesugi Kenshin ) Adopted by Kagekatsu Uesugi ( Too much Kagekatsu ) Will be the caretaker of Mr. And I'll be with you all the way to the end.

20 years old Around that time, Kenshin Uesugi died, and a family dispute arose at the Uesugi family. Kanetsugu will do his best to let Kagekatsu take over the family.

22 years old Around oh ship ( Sen ) Married. She enters the Naoe family as a son-in-law. I'm completely different. It's a reverse ball. Originally the name was "Mr. Higuchi".

40 years old
Around that time, the "Naoe-like" that triggered the battle of Sekigahara Ieyasu Tokugawa Tokugawa Ieyasu I will send it to you and make you angry. Mr. Ieyasu has attached a flirting to the Uesugi family, so I will send it back with a fair fight.

The Uesugi family, who lost to the Western Army in the Battle of Sekigahara, were originally Aizu 1.2 million stones . From Yonezawa 300,000 stones The territory has been reduced. It feels like my salary has been reduced.

By the way, " Mangoku ( " Mangoku ) What is ... Rice that one adult eats in one year with one stone .. It's a so-called unit. There are more detailed calculations, but they are difficult, so I will omit them with "love".

In Yonezawa, build a new castle town for the people, and die at the age of 60 ..

Kanetsugu Naoe was not a person of "love" ⁉︎

What is the meaning of the word "love" in the helmet?

As some of you may know, this "love" That LOVE's "love" It's not .

A Buddha who has a lot of weapons and sends people to the world with anger and violence, " Aizen Myo ( " Aizen Myoo ) It was "love" .

It's a great Buddha. Is that called Buddha? Wasn't the Buddha more mild and smiling?

If you look closely at the helmet, "love" Besides, "clouds" Is drawn, isn't it?

This means that the Buddha appears on the clouds.

"LOVE" Is not on the clouds. Well "LOVE" When it becomes, it will be fluffy like a cloud ...

Kanetsugu Naoe's behavior without "love"?

Mr. Kanetsugu Naoe's Buddha of anger and violence There is a story that is quite crazy like this.

① "Naoe-like" sent to Ieyasu Tokugawa.

It seems that a lot of sarcastic content was written. Battle of Sekigahara That's why. It's like a division of the world.

② Kanetsugu's vassal accidentally killed his commoner.
A servant is a person with low status. A servant.

Then the bereaved families will appeal to return the commoner instead of the award. How unreasonable!

Kanetsugu killed his bereaved family in response. .. That's right! !!

Ask yourself to "The Great Enma" It seems to mean that. Isn't it unreasonable ... Wasn't it noisy?

Kanetsugu is bigger than himself Date Masamune Masamune Date I didn't say hello even if I passed him at Edo Castle .

The reason is "I've seen him many times on the battlefield, but I didn't notice it because I had only seen his back to lose and run away." and dismiss. The terrible defeat. Did you really hate it?

④ This is also a story with Masamune.

When Masamune was showing off his money to the daimyo, Kanetsugu saw it with a fan.

"Don't hesitate." Even if it is said to be , "If you touch something like this with your bare hands, it will get dirty!" I threw it back as . I definitely hate Masamune-san for this.

Of course, there is also a story with "love" like Kanetsugu's Nico Nico Buddha.

"Justice" that you are not bound by your own interests The Uesugi family who valued.

Even when Yonezawa was reduced to 300,000 stones, no one of his subordinates quit .. It means that no one restructured even if the salary was reduced.

I lived a simple life myself and worked on the revival of the country. He is like a Buddha.

I wonder if Kanetsugu is the true Buddha, whether it's a smiling Buddha or an angry Buddha.

Kanetsugu Naoe had taken over the Uesugi family !?

Uesugi Kagekatsu succeeds the Uesugi family's reign Uesugi Kagetora Uesugi Kagetora There were two of us.

Mr. Kenshin Uesugi has been talking to the people around him for a long time to make him a "Keitora".

Meanwhile, Kanetsugu's Kenshin stroke "Kenshin-sama isn't long!" I'm talking to you. Quite meaningful words ...

Immediately after Kenshin collapsed, he told Kenshin on the sickbed in a room where only Kanetsugu's relatives were "The family is a scenic spot!" Please.

Kenshin, whose consciousness was stunned, just nods. Did it just seem convenient?

Furthermore, after Kenshin's death, Kanetsugu's rapid advancement I will continue to do it. Hmmm.

And Kanetsugu's four aides, including Kanetsugu, were killed, and finally Kanetsugu became one. Hmmm. Hmmm.

Furthermore, at one point when he went to Kyoto, Kanetsugu had more escorts than Kanetsugu.

Tenkajin ・ Toyotomi Hideyoshi Toyotomi Hideyoshi He likes it and treats him in the same way as his master, Kagekatsu.

The name "Toyotomi" is also given. I like it too much!

My wife, Sen, also hijacked the Uesugi family !?

This time, even her wife has a black rumor ...

In front of Mr. Kanetsugu on the ship Nobutsuna Naoe ( Naoe no Butuna ) There was a son-in-law.

However, during the battle of the inheritance of the family, killing due to troubles over the prize. Will be done. It's a financial trouble.

After that, he became a married couple with Kanetsugu, but the ship hated to have Kanetsugu, who has a completely different status, as his son-in-law.

However, she could not disobey the order of the head of the family, Kagekatsu.

In fact, Mr. Kagekatsu seems to have killed Mr. Nobutsuna, saying that he might take over the Uesugi family.

The ship may have noticed it.

Mr. Kagekatsu was not blessed with a succession at all, but the concubine that the ship introduced later, Yotsuji Yotsutsuji Finally, the second generation of the Aizu Uesugi family was born.

However, the four Tsuji are children of the ship and Nobutsuna . There is a rumor.

As a result, the Uesugi family ship's bloodline It will become. Women are scary.

After the deaths of Mr. Kagekatsu and Mr. Kanetsugu, the influence of the ship at the Uesugi family became even greater.

The ship is Minamoto no Yoritomo , which is famous for "Let's make a good country, Kamakura Shogunate". ( Tomo Minamoto ) Wife, Masako ( Masako ) Is said to be similar to.

Masako was also a woman who was in control of the Kamakura Shogunate, aside from men.


The true meaning of the helmet of "love" is the Buddha of anger and violence, one letter of "Aizen Myo" .. A number of Kanetsugu's defeated actions that accompany it.

And the truth of the Uesugi family who should value "righteousness".

Did you know the gap between the meaning of the helmet character of "love" and the true Sengoku warrior, Kanetsugu Naoe?