History of Asia

The majestic King Chach and his son Raja Dahir had rescued the sixes of the Muslim invaders.

Statue of bravery Raja Dahir Sen of Sindh

Rise of Islam in Arabia

The Prophet Muhammad was born in the house of the priest of the Kaaba temple in Mecca, who started the religion of Islam in the beginning of the seventh century. With the rise of Islam, the Jews, Christians, Buddhists, Hindus etc. of Arbasthan were made Muslims on the basis of the sword. Between 634 AD to 651 the Parsis, from 640 to 655 AD, almost all people, including the Cushites and Christians of Egypt, were converted to Muslims. North African countries like Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, North Sudan etc. Kushitas (subjects of Kush) were also completely converted to Islam within a few years.

The wise men of Turgasthan (Turkey) soon collapsed and became Muslims, but the Hindus turned out to be a little brave. Therefore jihad against the Turks started in 651 AD, so it took a whole hundred years to convert them all to Muslims. Similarly, the name of the last Buddhist monarch of Iraq, whose name was Burmak, was attacked by Muslim invaders and forced Iraq to become Muslim and the religion of Paramak alias Burmak was abolished. Due to Paramak alias Barmak becoming the Islamic king, his followers became Muslims by his orders.

Palestine, the territory of the sage Pulastya, the territory of the Suryavanshi Kshatriyas who became Christian, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan etc. countries were made Muslims between 634 and 650 AD. The Buddhist king of Merkendaya (Samarkand) city was also destroyed and the flag of Islam was hoisted there. Now it was India's turn, but it was not so easy for Islamic attacks to compete with the heroes of Bharatvarsh. Historian PN Oak writes, "The people of the great Vedic Aryan culture of Eurasia were getting absorbed in the culture of "Violence loot Paramodharma:" while chanting the silly garland of "Ahimsa Paramodharma". But even then there was no shortage of Khadgdhari Sanatani warriors in India suffering from the disease of non-violence.

The majestic brahmin king Chach of Sindh

The brave Rajputs and Kshatriyas stood as a wall between India and the Muslims. In 636 AD, Caliph Umar made the first attack on India at Thane near Mumbai. Not a single enemy could go back alive. A few years later, a gang of Arab robbers attacked Bharuch. This time also all the robbers were killed. When Osman sat on the throne of the Caliph, he sent huge Arab fighters to India with a general named Hakim, but the army was completely wiped out and the commander Hakim was taken prisoner. The prince was sent back to Arabia by the Indian Rajputs so that the condition of the army's misfortune could reach Osman. Again when the princes attacked Nukan and Kikan and was escaping from there with the loot of women and children, then the Indian heroes surrounded the devil and killed him along with his other jihadis. Frustrated and despondent, this Caliph gave up the idea of ​​attacking further. Raja Chach of Sindh was indeed a very fierce warrior. It is said that the Sindh state of his time touched Iraq from Gujarat.

The epitome of bravery Raja Dahir Sen of Sindh

But fighting jihad against infidels (non-Islamists), breaking kufr (destruction of idols of gods and goddesses) and converting the country of infidels into an Islamic state was declared the first duty and biggest religion of the Islamic invaders, so After a few years, Muhammad Sinan came to India. Al Biladuri writes, “It was very good, full of all virtues. He was the first man who divorced all his soldiers from their wives and gave them a guarantee that he would have a lot of fun by robbing Indian women. But his erotic dream was shattered. All his jihadi companions were killed at the hands of the Indian fighters and Sinan himself ran away by pressing his tail and could not muster the courage to look towards India again. Then came Ziyad, who was killed by brave Jats and Medes fighting bravely. Ziyad's son Abbad attacked the present part of India in Afghanistan, from there also the brave warriors drove him away.

After the death of the Brahmin dynasty Raja Chach of Sindh in 671 AD, Dahir became the king in 679 AD. Raja Chach had saved the sixes of the Muslim invaders. King Dahir was also such a fierce fighter that every time the invaders had to face their faces and India remained a far cry for them.

Islamic invader Satan Muhammad bin Qasim

Then on the throne of Baghdad, the governor of the Caliph sat the most cruel devil Hajjaj bin Yusuf. His son-in-law was the bloody devil Muhammad bin Qasim. In the Biographical Dictionary, Pescual de Gynagos wrote about Hajjaj that "this mad demon had killed one hundred and twenty thousand people by his men. When he died, 30 thousand men and 20 thousand women were found locked in his prison cell. It is said that the bones of Hindu, Buddhist women, children and human beings were scattered on the road from Karachi (Dewal) to Baghdad and Damascus when the demon Qasim was busy in capturing Sindh.

Once the Caliph and Hajjaj were getting beautiful women from Lanka by ship for their sensual lust. Arabic historian writes that the Arabs used to call Sri Lanka the island of jewels because of the beautiful women. On its way to Damascus and Baghdad, the ship stopped at Dewal port. When Arab devils tried to take some women captive there, the border guards killed all the Arabs and freed the prisoners. The Khalifa and Hajjaj were very disappointed and declared Jihad against India. Historian HM Elliot writes, "These ruthless fanatics openly lived their lustful life in luxury and sensuality, and they propagated this type of religion all around."

Hajjaj sent a detachment led by Saeed and Muzza to India to attack, who were killed by Dahir on the banks of Makran. Then Muslims attacked under the leadership of Ubaidullah and Budail, they were also killed. When Walid became the Caliph, Hajjaj sent a ruthless devil like him, Mohammed bin Qasim, to attack with ruthless fighters. Qasim attacked Dahir with all his might, but Dahir's soldiers reminded him of Chhathi's milk. After several days of fierce fighting, when his minister, terrified of Qasim's cruelty, spoke of a peace treaty, Dahir said, "What peace with him? They are raping our women, robbing them and selling them in the Arab market, converting our temples into mosques and forcibly converting Hindus into Muslims by the use of swords and killing them if they refuse. " On the talk of a treaty of a minister, he cut his neck in anger. He fought with valor and stabbed Qasim for sixes.

The betrayal of political Buddhists

Then the political intellectuals of Nironkot and Sivastan, who were jealous of the Hindu king Dahir, betrayed the Shaitan Qasim and helped him a lot (historian Rai Majumdar Chaudhry has supported this view). His 1 With the help, Qasim deceitfully sent some of his soldiers to Dahir's army in a group of local women disguised as women during the night. Due to the crying voices, King Dahir came to his aid and Kasim took advantage of the darkness and attacked Dahir alone. Dahir kept fighting among thousands of killers, his sword broke, then spears pierced him. Fighting by taking out the spear from the body, then the arrows pierced him and he attained martyrdom while fighting. Qasim took control of Alor, the capital of Sindh. But the road was still not easy for Qasim. Dahir's wife Maina Bai conducted military operations from inside the fort of Raor and soured Qasim's teeth but eventually the Muslims were able to conquer the fort and the women of the fort committed Jauhar along with the queen.

Hajjaj sent a message to Qasim, "Don't give any chance to the infidels. Immediately behead them…this is the order of Allah.”

Rani Bai, the second wife of Raja Dahir, fought fiercely with Qasim's army with her son Jaisimha from the fort of Berhamnabad. In Qasim's army, the newly formed Muslims, who till yesterday considered Dahir as their king, had also joined. Nevertheless, Jaisimha got rid of the sixes of Qasim's army through guerrilla warfare. For six months Qasim was besieged. Muslims burnt crops. Dissolved poison in the reservoirs. But if things did not work out, once again deceit was used and some traitors opened the gate of the fort at night and then 16000 people were massacred after capturing the fort. From here Dahir's two daughters 2 Suryadevi and Parimal Devi were taken captive and sent to Caliph Walid. Dahir's son Phufi recaptured the capital Alor as soon as Qasim's army moved towards Raor and Barhmanabad. Qasim again fought hard to win him but failed. But betrayal raised its head again. An Arabic Muslim also served in Fufi's army. He opened the gate of the city for Kasim one night and Qasim again had control over the city. Historian Purushottam Nagesh Oak writes, "The civilized and simple Hindus never thought that having a single Muslim in their army would be feeding the snake of treason and treachery."

Brave Daughters of Raja Dahir

On the other hand, Dahir's daughter both beautiful and Komalangi brave girls reached Damascus with a bunch of loot and slaves. His service was made successful and muscular. Historian Elliot writes, “The Caliph Walid asked the interpreter to find out the elder one so that the elder could be enjoyed first and the younger one later. Keeping the elder with him, the Caliph sent the younger back to the harem. The Khalifa was mesmerized by her beauty. He put his hand on her seductive body, pulled it towards him.” His passion flared up and he was eager to fill her arms as soon as possible when the sun goddess, retreating at the speed of lightning, stood up and said, “What a rule this is. It's yours. For the first three nights, Kasim kept both of us sisters with him and then sent them to you. Perhaps you have a custom of eating the leftovers of your servants.”

The arrow had hit the target. At the request of the Caliph Walid, suddenly the pots went to the water. Shaking angrily, he ordered Qasim to be produced immediately after being confined in a bull's skin. The order was executed and a few days later the dead body of Shaitan Qasim was enclosed in a bull's skin and presented before the Caliph. The Caliph called the two sisters and said, "Look how my men have obeyed me"

Suryadevi said with a soft smile, “No doubt your order has been fulfilled. But your mind is completely empty. Qasim didn't even touch me. But that devil killed our king, destroyed our country, destroyed our honor and thrown us into the quagmire of slavery. That's why we lied for vengeance and revenge. He had imprisoned and raped ten thousand women like us, killed many rulers, defiled hundreds of temples and made mosques and minarets. (Elliott &Dawson, page 211)

Caliph Walid and Hajjaj also died

Caliph Walid went numb. Historians say that in a strong wave of mourning, the Caliph cut off his palm, he had become very foolish. The shame, grief and mistake of having put his trusted executioner to death struck him so hard that he soon died. Hajjaj, a devil like himself, died of shock before the painful death of his nephew and son-in-law Qasim. In this way, both those brave girls had put the three enemies of India to death with their intelligence and bravery.

The brave daughters of Raja Dahir sacrificed their lives

Now it was time for both the daughters of King Dahir to sacrifice themselves. The new Caliph Suleiman was mad at the wonderful beauty of both of them. With a strong desire to enjoy them, he fought hard to convince them, but seeing his fierce form, he did not dare to play with his honor due to fear of life. In the compulsion of his anger, he inflicted terrible torture on those Bir girls who were demonic. He ordered these two Bir girls to be dragged on the streets of Damascus by tying them to the tail of a horse. The rags of his body were torn, but he could not erase the pride and smile of victory over his eyes and lips. Blessed are the AC Veer Balas of India. I salute them wholeheartedly!

Islamic deceit and tyranny

In this way, Islam once again tasted victory in India for the first time by deceit not by power, like it had won in Iran, Egypt, African countries etc. The story of Syria's victory is similarly shameful. Muslims surrendered their women to the Christian soldiers of Syria. The Muslim women went to the Christians to protect us from the Muslims, the Christians came and gave shelter to these rascals. What was it then, all the witches together made all the soldiers halal overnight. The terrorists of the invader Muhammad bin Qasim, after the conquest of Sindh, caused fierce bloodshed on Hindus and Buddhists in villages, cities, thousands of women's chests were scraped, due to this, to save their shame, thousands of adolescent girls to protect their modesty in wells, ponds डूब मरीं. स्त्रियों को घरों से खींच खींच कर उनकी देह लूटी जाने लगी. सिंध के राजा दाहिर और सिंध की जनता से गद्दारी कर मोहम्मद बिन कासिम को सहयोग देनेवाले राजनितिक बुद्धिष्ट भी नहीं बख्शे गये. उन्हें भी मौत या मुसलमान बनने में से एक को चुनना पड़ा. तारीखे हिंद और चचनामा के अनुसार अरब के मुस्लिम आक्रमणकारियों ने कराची के पास देवल मे 700 बौद्ध साध्विओ का सामूहिक बलात्कार किया.

1. कुछ अन्य इतिहासकारों का मत है कि नरपिशाच कासिम ने गाँव के कई मुखिया और उनके स्त्री बच्चों को बंधक बना लिया. उन्हें स्त्रियों का बलात्कार कर बेच देने तथा बच्चों को कत्ल करने की धमकी दी जिससे गाँव के मुखिया और स्त्री पुरुष कासिम की बात मानने को तैयार हो गये. फिर गाँव के सभी पुरुषों को बंधक बनाकर उनके स्त्रियों को अपने सैनिकों के साथ बचाओ बचाओ चिल्लाते हुए राजा दाहिर के पास भेज दिया. राजा दाहिर की मृत्यु के बाद सभी को जबरन मुसलमान बना दिया गया और इनमे से कुछ मुखिया ने राजा दाहिर के पुत्रों के विरुद्ध लडाई भी लड़ी.

2. इतिहासकार पुरुषोत्तम नागेश ओक का मत है की राजा दाहिर की दोनों पुत्री सूर्यदेवी और परिमल देवी बरह्मणाबाद के किले में अपनी माँ रानी बाई के साथ जौहर कर अग्नि समाधी ले ली थी. खलीफा वालिद दाहिर की दोनों पुत्रियों की सुन्दरता के बारे में सुन चूका था इसलिए वह कासिम से उन दोनों लडकियों को भेजने का दबाब बना रहा था. कासिम उनका पता लगाने केलिए सिंध में आतंक और स्त्रियों के अपहरण का नंगा नाच कर रहा था. इसलिए दो वीर बालाओं ने एक स्त्री के सहयोग से खुद को सूर्यदेवी और परिमल देवी के रूप में पेश किया था. उनमे से सूर्यदेवी की पहचान जानकी के रूप में हुई है.

मुख्य स्रोत-भारत में मुस्लिम सुल्तान, लेखक पुरुषोत्तम नागेश ओक