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Arrival of Europeans in India

Last updated:2022-11-07

Today in this article we are telling you about India History in Hindi – Arrival of Europeans in India.

Indian History in Hindi – Religious Movements of 15th and 16th Century

Arrival of Europeans in India

Q. Who discovered the sea route between India and Europe?

Ans. Vasco da Gama

Q. Where did Vasco da Gama reach India first?

Ans. In 1498 AD at Calicut port on the west coast

Q. Who became the first Portugal Viceroy in India?

Ans. Francisco de Almeida in 1505 AD

Q. Who was the Viceroy after Francisco de Almeida?

Ans. Alfonso de Albuquerque in 1509 AD

Q. When and by whom did Albuquerque conquer Goa?

Ans. From Yusuf Adilshah of Bijapur in 1510 AD

Q. Where did the Portuguese open their first trading house?

Ans. In Cochin

Q. Who was the first Dutch citizen to come to India in 1596 AD?

Ans. Cornelis Dahtmana

Q. After which war did the Dutch finally fall in India?

Ans. Vedra War in 1759 AD

Q. When did Queen Elizabeth I of England give a charter to the East India Company?

Ans. In December 1600 AD

Q. Who was the governor of the East India Company in the beginning?

Ans. Thomas Smith

Q. Who was the first Englishman to go to the Mughal court?

Ans. Captain Hawks

Q. Whose ambassador did Captain Hakis go to the court of Jhangir?

Ans. James I in 1609 AD

Q. When did Emperor James I send Sir Tamas to Jahangir's court?

Ans. In 1615 AD

Q. Where did the British open their first trading room?

Ans. In Surat in 1608 AD

Q. Where did the British first set up their trading house on the southeast coast?

Ans. In 1611 AD at Mooselipatam

Q. Charles received Bombay as a dowry due to the marriage of Charles II of England to whom?

Ans. From Princess Kathryn of Portugal

Q. Who laid the foundation of the city of Calcutta (present day Kolkata)?

Ans. by Jab Charnock

Q. Who established the first French Kothi in India?

Ans. In Surat in 1668 AD, Fincon Kairon

Q. Who founded Pondicherry?

Ans. French Martin in 1674 AD

Q. When did the battle of Wandiwash take place?

Ans. In 1760 AD

Q. Who led the British in the battle of Wandiwash?

Ans. Sir Ayerkoot

Q. When did the British choose Pondicherry from the French?

Ans. In 1761 AD

Q. Which European country first spread its trade in India?

Ans. Portugal

Q. By whom was the colonization of Goa, Daman and Diu done?

Ans. by Portuguese

Q. What was the name of the Treaty of Third Carnatic War?

Ans. Treaty of Paris

Q. Who welcomed Vasco da Gama when he landed at Calicut?

Ans. King Zamorin of Calicut

Q. Which Peshwa made the Treaty of Venice with the British?

Ans. Bajirao-II

Q. Which Portuguese adopted the policy of blue water?

Ans. Francisco de Almeida

Q. When did the Dutch invade Goa?

Ans. In 1639 AD

Q. When did Dupleix become the French Governor of India?

Ans. In 1742 AD

Q. Which English ambassador was given the title of 'Khan' by Jahangir?

Ans. To Captain Hawkins

Q. Who was the English merchant who reached Agra and Sikri?

Ans. Ralph Fitch

Q. Which Indian city is built on the island?

Ans. Mumbai

Q. Which ruler gave 'Diwani' to the East India Company?

Ans. Shah Alam-II

Q. Who established the first printing machine in India?

Ans. The Portuguese

Q. Who were the Interlopers?

Ans. Pirates posing as unauthorized traders

Q. Who was the emperor of India when the East India Company was established?

Ans. Akbar

Q. In which year the French government handed over the rights of French settlements located in India to India?

Ans. In 1954 AD

Q. Who presented the settlement of Chandranagar to the French?

Ans. Shaista Khan

Q. Which French governor was conferred the title of Nawab by the Mughal emperor?

Ans. To Duple

Q. Before becoming the Governor General of Pondicherry, where was Duplese appointed governor?

Ans. Of Chandra Nagar

Q. Who became the Governor General of Pondicherry after Dupleix?

Ans. Godehu

Q. Which crop was first introduced in India by the Portuguese?

Ans. Tobacco's

Q. After which war was the treaty of Munshi Shivgaon done?

Ans. After the Battle of Pal Khera

Q. When was the Treaty of Sangola?

Ans. In 1750 AD

Q. When was the Treaty of Allahabad signed?

Ans. In 1765 AD

Today in this article we have given you India History in Hindi – Arrival of Europeans in India, Arrival of European Companies in India, Arrival of Portuguese, Portuguese Viceroy in India If you want any other information related to this, then you can ask by commenting in the comment box.

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