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A promoter of the new economy! 42nd President of the United States Bill Clinton

Personally, when I hear this name, I can only remember the word "inappropriate relationship."

Bill Clinton before becoming president

Bill Clinton was born in Arkansas in 1946.

Bill is his nickname, like William Jefferson Clinton, Jimmy Carter's real name.

He is actually the first president born after World War II and is still alive as of 2019 as he writes this.

Clinton's father died in an accident before he was born, and his mother eventually remarried a man named Roger Clinton, and his childhood seems to have suffered quite a bit from his father-in-law's domestic violence.

He entered Georgetown University in 1964, when he worked for Senator Fulbright and was hired as a White House trainee after graduation.

During this period, he received a scholarship to study at Oxford University for two years, and after returning to Japan, he went to Yale University's Law School, where he met his wife, Hillary. After graduating, he taught at the University of Arkansas Law School, and in 1978 he became Governor of Arkansas at the young age of 32, and has since served as Governor of Arkansas.

He ran for president in 1992 and became the 42nd president of the United States.

The 42nd President of the United States

The Democratic president was the first in 20 years since Jimmy Carter.

Clinton's achievement would have been to return America's finances to the black for the first time in 29 years.

He created a boom by shifting America's core industry from traditional heavy industry-centric to high-tech and IT industry-centrics such as Silicon Valley, bringing the boom to America since Franklin Roosevelt.

In 2000, his surplus amounted to 200 billion dollars, promoting the enhancement of English education for immigrants and the restoration of dollar credit, and the policy was called "new economy".

On the diplomatic side, he stood between Israel's Dayan and Arafat on the Palestinian Liberation Front to establish a period in the endless Palestinian conflict, and realized the establishment of a Palestinian interim government, but when Dayan was assassinated in 1995, it eventually returned to a blank slate. ..

In the situation in the Far East, diplomatic relations with Vietnam were restored for the first time in 20 years, ending the Vietnam War in both name and reality.

In the situation in Africa, the U.S. military was dispatched to Somalia, which had become anarchy, but the situation could not be resolved, and withdrawal due to the deaths. The civil war intensified, became a muddy swamp, and many people died. This has received great criticism from within the United States. For Americans who have experienced the Reagan and Bush eras, America is the police of the world.

NAFTA, a free trade alliance, came into effect against the United States in favor of the United States, the participating countries were the United States, Canada, and Mexico, but Mexico rebelled greatly, and the radical Zapatista Liberation Front armed uprising in Mexico. Will be.

NAFTA has also been credited with destroying the Mexican economy, resulting in an increase in immigrants or illegal immigrants from Mexico to the United States.

In this way, although the internal affairs are substantial like the Democratic Party administration, there were many diplomatic mismanagement, but I think that the overall evaluation can be given higher, but an inappropriate relationship with a woman named Monica Lewinsky was discovered. , The situation was that he was impeached since President Johnson after the Civil War.

It seems that it was all about at the White House ...

Personal evaluation of Bill Clinton

I don't know if it's true, but Clinton has the following anecdote:

At one point Clinton stopped by Hillary and a gas station after becoming president. It seems that Hillary's old lover was working there, and Clinton said to Hillary, "Is it okay to marry me? Because she became a first lady." In response, Hillary said:

"Oh, he was president at that time."

I'm not sure if this is a true story, but I think it's the anecdote that best describes the person Bill Clinton.