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Assassinated 20th President of the United States James Garfield

Personally, Garfield reminds me of an anecdote written in an old red book. It's a story that Garfield had a classmate who couldn't win, and he was able to outperform his grades as a result of studying every day until the lights in his classmate's house went out.

Unfortunately, Garfield was unable to act as president for a year.

Garfield until becoming president

Garfield was born and raised in Ohio, like former President Hayes.

And again, like Hayes, he lost his father at an early age. However, unlike Hayes, Garfield worked as a sailor at the age of 16 when he left elementary school, but was retired due to illness, and then began studying at the church-established laboratory that later became Hyrum University. After that, he entered Williams College, and after graduating, he continued his career as a faculty member, professor, and director of the institute.

He learned the law in the meantime and was elected to the Ohio State Assembly in 1859. When the Civil War began in 1861, Garfield entered the Union as a commander of the Union Army, eventually assuming the position of Major General.

Among them, he was credited with the Battle of Shiloh, and it can be said that his military service raised his fame.

After that, Garfield continued to serve as a member of the Diet, and although he was sometimes listed as a suspect in a corruption case, he ran for president in 1880 and was brilliantly elected.


In 1881 Garfield was assassinated. The assassin was a man named Charles Guiteau, one of Garfield's election supporters. It seems that Gito was undertaking a lot of dirty work, and was a rebellion against Garfield's failure to put himself in any post.

From the 1870s to the 1890s, the United States was called the "Gilded Age," and it was an era when money was a slogan. Garfield apparently bought voters through Gito.

However, although Gito had a history of mental illness and his remarks were not officially acknowledged, it is not difficult to speculate that such a thing would have happened. It would be unnatural to think that Garfield is an exception to this era, especially the Republicans, who have a lot of ties with industrial capitalists.

There is also a theory that the ammunition shot by Gito was not found, and he died as a result of a doctor scratching an organ in an attempt to find it. Garfield's direct cause of death is said to have been an infectious disease rather than bleeding.

He is 49 years old. He had a term of only six months as president.