Ancient history

Fear of Nazi bombing killed more than 4,000 Britons

On August 25, 1939, the Russian foreign ministers, Molotov , and German, Ribbentrop They sign a non-aggression pact. The sentence of Poland and the beginning of World War II were signed. On September 1, Germany invades Poland and two days later the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, France, South Africa, and Canada declare war on it. Despite this statement, Hitler will continue to advance.

The United Kingdom is at war and although it has not actively intervened, measures are beginning to be taken from London. Fearing the bombing of the Luftwaffe (German Air Force) lighting restrictions; it is forbidden to turn on any type of light at night, even going so far as to be arrested for lighting a cigarette in the street. As night falls, darkness invades the British streets and the only one that dares to break the ban is the moon.

Despite this, people try to lead a "normal" life with the limitations of the dark. Walking through the streets becomes an obstacle course (cars, lampposts, curbs, trees...), cars without lights - even those on the dashboard - dodge each other, trams become "silent danger", Traffic accidents increased by 100% compared to the previous year...

In the first 4 months of the "war", September to December 1939, 4,133 people had died on British soil (three quarters pedestrians) and the Luftwaffe had still not dropped a single bomb.

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