Ancient history

The family

Childhood Family


Charles Bonaparte
Maria Letizia Ramolino

Brothers and sisters

Joseph Bonaparte
Lucien Bonaparte
Elisa Bonaparte
Louis Bonaparte
Pauline Bonaparte
Caroline Bonaparte
Jerome Bonaparte

Marriages and children

Napoleon married twice :

On March 9, 1796 a first time with Josephine of Beauharnais who would be crowned empress. This marriage remaining childless, it would end in a divorce, December 16, 1809.
On March 11, 1810 (by proxy) with the Archduchess Marie-Louise of Austria, who gives him a son:Napoleon Francis Joseph Charles Bonaparte (° 20 March 1811, † 22 July 1832), king of Rome, duke of Reichstadt, also known as Napoleon II, although he never reigned only in theory 15 days, between the second abdication of Napoleon and the Second Restoration. The Eagle’s nickname comes from poems by Victor Hugo written in 1852.

Napoleon equally had at least two illegitimate children, both of whom had descendants:

Charles, Count Leon (° 1806, † 1881), son of Catherine Eleonore Denuelle of the Plain (° 1787). , † 1868).
Alexander, Count Walewski, (° 4 May 1810, † 27 October 1868), son of Countess Walewska ( ° 1789, † 1817).

And according to more contested sources :

Emily Louise Marie Françoise Josephine Pellapra, daughter of Françoise-Marie Leroy.
Karl Eugin von Mühlfeld, son of Victoria Kraus.
Julius Bartholomew-Saint-Hilaire (° August 19, 1805, † November 24, 1895) whose mother remains unknown.
Marie Caroline Julie Elizabeth Josephine Napoleon of Montholon, daughter of Countess Albine of Montholon (born in St. Helena on 26 January 1818, died at Brussels 30 September 1819).

Nephews and nieces

Louis-Napoleon Bonaparte, his nephew, took advantage of Napoleon I's popularity, primarily to get himself elected president of the Republic under the IInd Republic, then to take power and establish the Second Empire, ruling under the name of Napoleon III. During his reign many social and modern legislations were adopted. He capitulated and surrendered to the Prussians in 1870, following the defeat of Sedan.
Peter-Napoleon Bonaparte
Charles Lucien Bonaparte, zoologist

Napoleon Bonaparte