Ancient history

Hand to hand

At this price, the motley army becomes a shock troop. The men take the following oath:“I am a volunteer of the international brigades because I deeply admire the valor and heroism of the Spanish people in their struggle with international fascism. Because my enemies are always the same as those of the Spanish people, they are the fascists. Because I know that if fascism is victorious in Spain, tomorrow it will be in my country, and my home will be devastated. Because I am a worker who would rather die standing than live on my knees. I am here a volunteer and will give until the last drop my blood to save the freedom of Spain and the world. »
In the first days of November 1936, Madrid seemed lost. The Francoist troops, under the orders of General Mola, mostly Moroccans, took the airfield. Despite their enthusiasm, the militias are at the end of their tether. On the 5th, the Radicals announced the rebels' triumphal entry into the capital.
In fact, they had only reached the Casa de Campo bol park, west of Madrid so of the Bois de Boulogne where they bivouac in the shelter of thickets and mounds. At 10:00 p.m., two battalions of the 11th International Brigade appeared 500 meters from the bivouacs. The first is the French battalion commanded by Captain Dumont, the second the German battalion commanded by Hans Kahle, also a former officer. The two leaders, who swallows fought against each other in 1914-191 lead together, this time, their men to the attack. Mixed with the French and the Germans, some Balkan and even Chinese horseman who, wounded, wants to get back in the saddle at all costs. At dawn, the Francoists, after a fierce defense, had to retreat five kilometers. We fought hand to hand.