Archaeological discoveries

Scientists reveal the face of a mummy over 2,000 years old

Scientists at the University of Melbourne, Australia, reconstructed the features of an Egyptian mummy of more than 2 thousand years using new techniques that employ computed tomography and 3D printing.

The mummy of a woman who died around the age of 18 was named Meritamun ("Beloved by Amon") by researchers and since 1930 has been in the custody of the university. , having been taken to Australia by British anthropologist Frederic Wood Jones, who discovered the remains between 1907 and 1908 during an excavation campaign in southern Egypt.

After so much time Meritamun began to be studied because it was finally possible to provide techniques that did not risk the integrity of the mummy. In addition to finding out about the mummy's features, other studies aim to discover the cause of death of a woman at such a young age. The studies will serve as a basis for improving training in forensic analysis at the university, which has a collection of mortal remains awaiting analysis with the technique used in Meritamun.