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Tomb of Tutankhamun:probable existence of a 90% secret chamber

After a new series of radar examinations carried out in the tomb of Tutankhamun, in the Valley of the Kings, near Luxor, in Egypt, scientists estimate at 90% the probability of the existence of a secret chamber. In the tomb of Tutankhamun:a photo taken on September 29, 2015, during the visit of Nicholas Reeves and the Minister of Egyptian Antiquities.

At the end of three days of radar and infrared thermography explorations of the tomb of Tutankhamun (KV62), the pharaoh who died at the age of 19, the results confirm the first tests carried out by HIP and the project teams Scan Pyramids , at the beginning of the month, who had already detected certain anomalies along the north and west walls of the burial chamber. These announcements were made Saturday, November 28, 2015 by the Egyptian Minister of Antiquities, Mahmoud Eldamaty, during a press conference. "We said earlier, that there was a 60% chance there was something behind the walls. Now, after these analyses, we say that there are 90%" .

"Intriguing and encouraging" results according to Nicholas Reeves

This find could thus confirm the hypothesis put forward at the beginning of August 2015 by the British archaeologist Nicholas Reeves, on the probable existence of unknown pieces in the tomb of the famous pharaoh of the XVIIIth dynasty. "The results of the radar examinations behind the north wall (of Tutankhamun's burial chamber) are very clear. If I'm right and there is continuity (through a corridor) of the tomb, that will lead us to another burial chamber" , said Nicholas Reeves during the press conference.

Nicholas Reeves who found these results "intriguing and encouraging" is convinced that Tutankhamun's tomb contains two secret rooms, one of which contains the famous Queen Nefertiti (1370-1333 BC). Tutankhamun's burial would have been made outside a tomb that already existed. This hypothesis is not shared by all specialists, even if most concede that unknown cavities could well exist. If there is a room, it could contain for some, another of the wives of King Akhenaton, for others, his daughter Merytaton. A number of Egyptologists believe that we already know the mummy of Nefertiti. All the radar measurements taken during these three days will be subject to further analysis before a final result is issued.