Archaeological discoveries

Oetzi was heart-sick

Oetzi at the time of his discovery, in 1991, among the ice of Similaun

Oetzi, primitive man also known as Mummy of the Similaun , continues to reveal so much about himself and, in this way, also about the very distant time in which he lived (see also -body-of-oetzi-the-mummy-of-similaun).

As is known, he was found by chance by a group of German hikers in 1991 in the Ötztal Alps, on the border between Italy and Austria, and immediately left us amazed by the perfect state of conservation; careful studies and in-depth research over the course of over twenty years have made it possible to unravel the mysteries that this 46-year-old hunter / gatherer had kept for millennia.

Now it has been discovered that Oetzi was heart disease , as demonstrated by the three coronary calcifications found, an indication of an almost certainly congenital atherosclerosis, also because it is definitely unlikely to consider it the consequence of an inappropriate lifestyle, given that between 3300 and 3100 BC, the period in which he lived, being sedentary was practically impossible!

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