Historical Figures

Iâhhotep I, Egyptian regent

Iâhhotep I (Aahhotep or Ahhotep) was an Egyptian queen. Daughter of Queen Tetisheri and King Senakhtenre Ahmose, she lived around 1560-1530 BC. An influential personality, she exercised the regency of the throne of Egypt.


Iâhhotep is the wife of Seqénenrê Taâ, Egyptian king of the Seventeenth Dynasty, who is also probably his brother . Born during the period of domination of the Hyksôs (multi-ethnic group living in West Asia) who then governed part of Middle Egypt, Iâhhotep played a leading role in the war of liberation of the country undertaken by her husband, who probably loses her life there, then pursued by her son Ahmose.

A member of the royal family and possibly the son of Iâhhotep I and Séqénenrê Taâ, Kamose acceded to the throne on the death of the latter, but his reign only lasted a few years. His unexpected, even brutal death places Ahmose, still a child, on the throne. Iâhhotep then exercises the regency in his name.

"She who took care of Egypt"

When Ahmose continued his father's liberation campaign, Yahhotep I ruled in his name during his absence. His son showed him great confidence and, after having driven out the Hyksôs and taken their capital Avaris, he continued his campaign in Palestine to hunt down the last pockets of resistance.

On the stele dedicated to him at Karnak, Ahmose says of his mother:"She who performed the rites and took care of Egypt. She watched over her troops and protected them. She brought back her fugitives and rounded up her deserters. She pacified Upper Egypt and drove out the rebels” . The titles she bears while in power also testify to her great influence:“she who knows everything, (…) who appeases Upper Egypt and drives out those who oppose her…”.