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Foreword – Revolutionary Barath Kesari Singh

Today, there is a perception all around that only 65 years after independence, the plight of the nation of India was not the same even in the time of the British. New accidents are happening regularly, there is an orgy of inflation and money all around. Scams worth lakhs of crores are being exposed. People are stealing coal, stealing canals, stealing roads, stealing stones, stealing gravel, stealing forests. Stealing dams and mountains. What's more, stealing the borders of the country. It is astonishing to see the dark exploits of these people. What do these people want after all? Do they want to steal the earth and hide it in their lockers and foreign banks? Have they become Hiranyakashipu and Hiranyaksha? A subject of great mourning!

It is surprising that in spite of the abundance of Indian religious texts available, most of the people are practicing immoral practices. They have also forgotten that the Lord kills Ravana, who lives in the gold city, Hiranakashyap, who lives in the golden palace, Hiranyaksha with gold eyes and Maricha, who wears gold skin. chases them, hunts them and kills them by tearing poles. If there is any one name, then count it, the processions of thieves are playing threatening all around the country. A subject of great mourning!

We have to think that the morality crisis that has arisen in the country is the contribution of religionlessness imposed in the name of secularism? India is the only country in the whole world which declared itself secular and India is the only country in the whole world which is most plagued by corruption. Religious education disappeared from the school curriculum. The themes of the policy disappeared. There is such an urge to earn money that people have left the study of scriptures and are sitting at the feet of Nirmal Baba. Apart from reading the life characters of great personalities, there has been such an intellectual uproar that Swami Vivekananda is being described as intelligent in front of smugglers on the basis of IQ. A matter of great mourning!

Those who are giving the message of love and brotherhood, they cannot look at each other with open eyes. Tolerance only for yourself and your loved ones. The limit of speech ended, the limit of conduct ended. Rumors of porn CDs hot in the market. People claim to have the seeds of such people that it is surprising! What do these people want? Indra, who had cheated the sage-wife, was given a thousand eyes by the Lord so that he could see his sin. Today cameras with thousand eyes are present everywhere, the sins committed in the room are coming at the intersections but still no one is ready to be afraid. A subject of great mourning!

Those who had dreamed of independent India are not on earth today, if they were, it would have been impossible to fathom their mental anguish. In this nostalgic atmosphere, by writing the biography of Thakur Kesari Singh Bahrath, I am trying to bring it back into the hands of the youth of India. Possibly, the love of India's mother again awakened among the many sons of India. To get rid of the desire to earn money every moment in life. Reduce dishonesty. Be aware of the responsibility of taking care of the faltering Mother India.

Kesari Singh was born in a jagirdar's house. Silk mattresses were easily accessible to them. He could eat kheer with a silver spoon on a gold plate for the rest of his life, but he experienced the sufferings of Mother India. Make a bomb Dreamed of an armed revolution. Went to jail He also brought his family on the same path. His son and brother were martyred while worshiping the nation. Kesari Singh's wife Manik Kanwar also did not live long due to son's separation. Still, the sense of service to the nation did not go away. Reprimanded the kings and vassals, opened schools, took out newspapers, adopted Gandhism and left, wrote literature, filled Maharanas with warnings, tried every means to remove the sufferings of Mother India. He kept doing this till the last breath of his life. Even in the separation of his wife, he continued to discuss the sufferings of Mother India.

Keeping the life story of such a virtuous soul Kesari Singh again in the hands of Indian youth like the light of diwali lamps, I have only one wish that the life character of Thakur Kesari Singh Bahrath should bring the youth of this country on the right path and create a sense of national consciousness in them. It is for this purpose that this booklet has been created. At the end of the book, brief information has also been given about Joravar Singh and Pratap Singh, whose study is as thrilling as the life of Thakur Kesari Singh.

– Dr. Mohanlal Gupta, 63, Sardar Club Scheme, Air Force Area, Jodhpur

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