Historical Figures

81. Sardar Patel dethroned the king of Baroda

Despatch to England by relieving the corefield in this way caused frustration among the native kings who felt that the corefield would prove to be their biggest helper in the hour of crisis and would save the native states from joining India. When Corfield started going from India to England, many small and big kings of India gathered at the airport to bid him farewell, but Corfield could not do anything for the kings now. Even after this firm stand of Patel, some stubborn kings did not give up their stubbornness.

They were apparently bent on disobeying Patel's orders. Maharaja Pratapsinh Gaikwad of Baroda wrote to Sardar Patel with his own hand that until he is made the king of India and the Indian government does not accept all his demands, Till then they will not give any cooperation nor will they cooperate in suppressing the revolt of the Nawab of Junagadh. On this, the Government of India abolished the recognition of Maharaja Pratap Singh Gaikwad and accepted his son Fatah Singh as Maharaja of Baroda.

It was a big blow to the kings, The truth was beginning to make sense to him. After this incident, most of the kings started behaving like humble country servants. The state union he had formed to prevent the merger of princely states, It was disbanded.

They understood that now there is no other way but to meet the Government of India and get its protection. They also began to think that it would be more appropriate to remain under the umbrella of the Government of India than to remain the ruler and live on the wishes of the rebellious subjects.