Historical Figures

Rao Jodha :Date Schedule

29 March 1415:Birth of Jodha (according to Pt. Vishweshwar Nath Reu)

1 April 1416:Birth of Jodha (according to Gaurishankar Hirachand Ojha)

1427 AD:Participation in Mandore war against power with Rao Ranmal.

1433 AD:Participation in the Mewar campaign to avenge the murder of Maharana Mokal, along with Rao Ranmal.

1438 AD:After the murder of Rao Ranmal, 700 companions fled from Chittor. The authority of Maharana Kumbha's army over Mewar. Jodha's mother, Kodmade, was satiating on the banks of the Kodmade pond.

1453 AD:Jodha re-captured Kosana, Quartet, Mandor and Sojat. Coronation of Jodha by elder brother Akhairaj with the blood of his thumb. Right over Kaprada and Rohat. Narbad's right over Mandor fort. After driving away Narbad by Rao Jodha, he regained control of Mandore. Invasion of Chittor fort by Rao Jodha and kidnapping of Seth Padmachand. Treaty of Aon-Baonla between Maharana Kumbha and Rao Jodha. Marriage of Shringar Devi, daughter of Rao Jodha, to Raimal, son of Maharana Kumbha.

1458 AD:Right of Rao Jodha over 30 villages of Sindhal Rathod. Coronation of Rao Jodha by scriptural method. Construction of Jodhelav pond near Mandore by Rao Jodha.

1504 AD:Construction of Pakki Baoli in Ghosundi village by Shringar Devi, daughter of Rao Jodha.

May 12, 1459:The foundation stone of Mehrangarh fort was laid by Karni Mata on the tonk of Chidiyanath, 6 miles south of Mandore. Arrival of 65 Pushkarna Brahmin families from Sindh to bless Jodha and permanent residence in Jodhpur. Construction of Rani Sagar Pond at the foot of the fort by the Hadi Rani Jasmade of Jodha. Construction of Chand Baori by Songri Rani Chand Kunwari of Jodha. When the Baloch attacked King Napa Sankhla of Janglu, Rao Jodha's campaign towards Janglu to help Napa. Establishment of Kodamdesar pond and Kirti Stambh built by Jodha by her mother.

1460 AD:Establishment of Chamunda Deity at Mandore in Mehrangarh fort. Rao Jodha's tilak in Chaukelav. Right over Merta, Phalaudi, Pokaran, Bhadrajoon, Sojat, Jaitaran, Siwana, Shiva, Nagaur and some part of Godwad region of Mewar state by Rao Jodha.

1461 AD:On the orders of Rao Jodha, his sons Varasingha and Duda controlled Merta and 360 villages adjacent to it.

1462 AD:Visit of Prayag, Kashi and Gaya pilgrimages by Rao Jodha. Meeting with Bahlol Lodi. Meeting with the Emperor of Jaunpur. Punishment to the Bhomis by breaking the bastions near Gwalior. Establishment of a new settlement south of Merta.

1464 AD:Attack on Sindhal by Neemba, the eldest son of Rao Jodha, as the lord of Bisalpur. The injured Neemba died after five months. Souza's appointment by Jodha in Sojat.

1464 AD:Violence in the state of Marwar by Mohil Ajit Singh, the owner of Chapar-Dronpur and the Jamata of Rao Jodha. Military campaign by Jodha against Ajit Singh, death of Ajit Singh.

1465 AD:Departure of Jodha's second number Prince Bika along with his uncle Kandhal and Sankhla Napa etc. towards Janglu and creation of Bikaner state by fighting continuously for twenty years.

1485 AD:The foundation stone of the new fort was laid by Rao Bika and the establishment of the city of Bikaner.

1467 AD:The arrival of Rao Jodha's princes Karamsi, Raipal and Vanvir to Fatan Khan, the Kayamkhani ruler of Nagaur. Fatan Khan gave the jagir of Khinsar to Karmsi and the jagir of Aasop to Raipal. On the instructions of Rao Jodha, the princes relinquished the jagirs granted by Fatan Khan and went to his elder brother Bika. The riots in the villages of Marwar by Fatan Khan. The ascent and possession of Nagaur by Rao Jodha. Right of the jagir of Asop to Khimsar and Raipal to Karamsi by Rao Jodha.

1468 AD:The murder of Maharana Kumbha by Uda, the greedy eldest son of Kumbha and the right of Ajmer and Sambhar to Jodha.

1474 AD:Attack on Chhapar-Dronpur by Rao Jodha. The defeat and death of Sarang Khan, the commander of the Delhi Sultanate.

1475 AD:Joga was appointed as the ruler of Chapar-Dronpur by Rao Jodha. On the failure of Joga, Bida was appointed the ruler of Chhapar-Dronpur. Captured Ladnun by the combined armies of Jodhpur and Bikaner. Bika presents Ladnun to Jodha. Jodha's instruction to Bika to relinquish the succession of Jodhpur state.

1478 AD:Suppression of Jalore's ruler Usman Khan and Sirohi's Rawal Lakha by Jodha's cousin Varjang on the instructions of Jodha.

1486 AD:Sambhar climbed by Amer king Chandrasen. Saving Sambhar by sending an army by Rao Jodha. Power over Shiva by Rawal Devidas of Jaisalmer. On the instructions of Rao Jodha, Varajang re-righted Shiva and recovery of punishment from Bhatis.

16 April 1488 :Death of Rao Jodha (according to Pt. Vishweshwar Nath Reu).

1489 :Death of Rao Jodha (according to Gaurishankar Hirachand Ojha and Dr. Gopinath Sharma).