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31. Within a few years the vast Chauhan Empire came under the Turks!

After the death of Prithviraj Chauhan, the scenario of the country started changing very fast. Hindu kings started moving to the background and the Delhi Sultanate started expanding. The maximum loss was done by Chauhan State.

The Chauhans, for whom the Chandelas, Gahadwalas and Chaulukyas could not sleep, for whose friendship the Pratiharas, Parmars, Tomars and Guhils yearned, the Chauhans who defeated the invaders of Arabia, Sindh, Ghazni and Ghor for six hundred years. India was kept away from the land, the Chauhans in whose kingdom Delhi and Hansi had the status of small jagirs, those Chauhans now staying away from Ajmer started efforts to establish their own small states. His power was divided among the kingdoms of Ranthambore, Bundi, Nadol, Jalore, Sirohi and Abu.

Govindraj, son of Prithviraj Chauhan, laid the foundation of Chauhan branch of Ranthambore. Later in this dynasty there was a famous king named Hammir Chauhan, who became famous for his devotion, devotion and valor. He sacrificed his life to protect the Muslims who had fled from Allauddin's camp.

The Chauhan kingdoms of Bundi and Kota were also established by the descendants of this Govindraj. During Akbar's time the kingdoms of Bundi and Ranthambore were under Surjan Singh, a descendant of Govindraj. Surjan Singh made a treaty with Akbar on the condition that the dolls of the princesses of Bundi kingdom would never be sent to the Mughals.

The Chauhan kingdom of Nadol was established by princes, ancestors of Prithviraj Chauhan. The Chauhan kingdom of Jalore was established by the Chauhan princes of this Nadaul state. Separate Chauhan states were established in Sirohi, Abu and Mandore by the Chauhans of Jalore. When Altutmish became the Sultan of Delhi, he killed the Chauhans of Jalore, Mandore and Nadol and captured their small states.

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Balban, the next powerful Sultan of Delhi, took possession of Ranthambore and Nagaur and took the part from Lahore to Ranthambore, whose capital was kept at Nagaur. Some of these states tried to become independent, but Alauddin Khilji captured Ranthambore, Chittor, Siwana and Jalore and again brought them under the Delhi Sultanate. Thus within a few years the entire Chauhan Empire came under the control of Muslims.

The political, social, cultural and economic freedom that India lost after the defeat of Prithviraj Chauhan, the last Hindu emperor of India in the plain of Tarain in AD 1192, was regained in some parts even after the country's political independence in AD 1947. And that too after India was divided into three pieces. To say that the country is free in every way, but the reality is that the country is still waiting for cultural freedom.

Reservation in the name of economic freedom, rise of OBC class in the name of social freedom, expansion of Dalit consciousness and movement of women's discourse and secularism and empowerment of minority in the name of religious freedom have kept India in dangerous pieces within the year itself. . The whole country is divided into hundreds of small castes and each caste feels that it is being exploited.

To say that the whole country is one, but in the name of reservation, casteism and secularism among the citizens of the country, there is a crackdown. Regionalism and linguistic parochialism are also tremendous.

On the day when all the people of the country will give respect to the natural talent leaving their selfish interests, instead of standing in lines for grants, focus on increasing the money earned by their efforts, adopt the mantra of Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinah, on the same day Emperor Prithviraj Chauhan And the dream seen by his ancestors to make India a great nation will come true. This will be our true tribute to him.

Let us move forward, of course, but move forward by taking each other along. Seeing our happiness, others should also be happy, we need such a society. We don't want a society and country like this to make us happy by sparring on each other and leaving each other behind.

With this episode, our V-blog serial made about Hindu Heart-Emperor Prithviraj Chauhan comes to an end. We express our gratitude to all our viewers and hope that soon we will be present again among you with a new topic. Jaihind!

-Doctor. Mohanlal Gupta