Historical Figures

Figures (-1063)

The figure in a drawing by Kamil Jadczak.


The wife of Mieszko II Lambert and the first Polish queen, crowned with her husband and father-in-law, Bolesław the Brave, in the spring of 1025.

She was a descendant of the imperial Ludolfing family after her mother, and a Lorraine magnate after her father. She was born in 995 or 996. She came to Poland in 1013. Presumably, she took an active part in the political activities of her father-in-law and contributed to his winning the crown. The development of Kraków and Giecz can be associated with it, as well as the reaching to Poland of the story that formed the basis of the legend of Popiel eaten by mice. According to the chronicler's account written in the convent founded by her family, her marriage was not successful and he was burdened with the case of Mieszko's infidelity.

Figure she left the country after her husband was banished, then imprisoned and castrated as a result of a political deal brokered by her brother-in-law Bezprym. It went down in history due to the donation of the crown, both her and her husband, to Emperor Conrad II. Contrary to well-established opinion, this act cannot be understood in terms of treason. Figure she defended her and her son's rights to the throne, and handed over the crowns, putting herself under the protection of the German ruler and expecting his help in regaining the throne.

In the following years, she probably returned to Poland for a short time, and even exercised an informal regency on behalf of her son, Kazimierz the Restorer. After he was expelled, like his father, she helped him gather an army and provided the resources needed to restore the heritage of his ancestors. She died in Germany in 1063. Against her will, she was buried in the Church of the Virgin Mary in Cologne.