Historical Figures

Bernard VII of Armagnac (1360 - 1418)

Bernard became Count of Armagnac on the death of his older brother in 1391. He gradually gained influence at the court of France, while the views of Louis d'Orléans on the Milanese became clearer, where their interests were similar. After the death of Duke Louis in 1407, Armagnac remained attached to the Orleans party. He married his daughter Bonne d'Armagnac to the new Duke Charles of Orléans in 1410. Son-in-law of the assassinated Duke of Orléans, Bernard d'Armagnac appeared, from 1410, as leader of the party hostile to the Duke of Burgundy. He led the repression in the provinces and in Paris against the Burgundian and Cabochian movement of 1413. He became Constable of France in 1415 and was the head of the Dauphin's government until the Burgundian victory of 1418 when he was massacred.