Historical Figures

Charles VI the Fool(1368 - 1422)

Charles VI called the Beloved then Charles the Fool is the son of Charles V. On the death of his father , he is under the tutelage of his four uncles, who use and abuse the resources of the kingdom. Charles VI chases them away and recalls his father's "Marmousets". In 1392, in the forest of Le Mans, he began to experience fits of furious madness. It is likely that he suffered from bipolar disorder (formerly manic depression). His madness provoked civil war between Armagnacs and Burgundians who fought over the kingdom. England resumes hostilities, and is victorious at Agincourt (1415). In 1420, Charles was forced to sign the Treaty of Troyes, which recognized Henry V of England as successor in lieu of Charles's son, Charles VII.

Charles V the Wise Charles VII the Victorious