Historical Figures

Lannes Jean(1769 - 1809)

In 1795, in Spain, he distinguished himself by exceptional courage, which earned him the name Roland of the Army. He takes part in the Italian campaign, he is at the Lodi bridge and receives two bullets at Arcole. He will follow Bonaparte to Egypt where he is wounded at Saint-Jean d'Acre. He receives a saber of honor for his feats of arms at Marengo. Then he will command the left wing at Austerlitz next to Murat. He was one of the suitors for a marriage with Caroline Bonaparte. Napoleon is full of praise for him, Lannes is one of his closest friends. He was mortally wounded at Essling. Lannes once declared to Napoleon:“I fear war, the first sound of war makes me shiver. Men are stunned the better to lead them to death. »