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Anne of Austria

Daughter of the King of Spain Philippe III of Habsburg, Anne of Austria was not 15 when she married the young King of France, Louis XIII. Long years of sterility keep the two spouses apart. Maintaining a correspondence with her brother Philip IV of Spain and friendships with the counter-power, she is suspected of conspiracy and sidelined from any political decision. She participated in the plot against Richelieu (Chalais plot), close to the king.
But in 1638, her marriage saw the birth of a child, Louis Dieudonné, the future Louis XIV. On May 14, 1643, the king died and Anne of Austria became regent on May 18, 1643, contrary to the provisions left by the deceased king. The queen is supported by the minister Mazarin; both ensure the education of the future king and lead the country together. She must face the Fronde (period of revolt against the rise of royal authority), and struggle against Spain. She gives her son, from his majority in 1651, full powers and then takes refuge in religion. She died in 1666 in the abbey of Val-de-Grâce erected in honor of the birth of Louis XIV.

1601 - 1666


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