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Vietnam War History Exercises - With Answers

Question 01 - ENEM PPL 2010 - The photo reveals a moment in the Vietnam War (1965-1975), a military conflict whose journalistic coverage used, in large-scale photography and television. One of the roles played by the media in covering this war, as evidenced by the photo, was a) to demonstrate the cultural differences between North Americans and Vietnamese. b) defend the need for armed interventions in communist countries. c) denounce the abuses committed by the US military intervention. d) publicize values ​​that questioned the actions of the Vietnamese government. e) reveal the military superiority of the United States of America.
Question 02 - UNICAMP 2011 - For many Americans, Vietnam is the name of a war, not a country. The Vietnamese look like shadowy figures, nameless and faceless, helpless victims or cruel aggressors. The story begins only when the United States enters the scene. (Adapted from Marvin E. Gettleman et. alli (Ed.), Vietnam and America:a documented history. New York:Grove Press, 1995, p. xiii.) This ignorance of the Americans of their adversaries in the Vietnam War it can be related to the fact that the Americans a) promoted trench warfare, while the Vietnamese communists moved their battalions through the jungle. With strong popular support, the United States remained in this conflict for years, but failed to defeat the Vietnamese. b) invade and occupy Vietnamese territory, dismantling the communist battalions thanks to the American superiority in military training and armaments. Despite popular support for the war, the United States vacated Vietnamese territory. c) not knowing the traditions of the Vietnamese, organized around tribal leaders, who were the military chiefs of their clans. With no state as an adversary, the conflict dragged on and, without popular support, the United States ended up withdrawing. d) they found it very difficult to face the guerrilla tactics of the communist Vietnamese, who had greater territorial knowledge. After several defeats and without popular support at home, the United States withdrew its troops from Vietnam.
Question 03 - ENEM PPL 2009 - The Vietnam War, controversial and violent armed conflict of the second half of the 20th century, involved the South Vietnamese guerrillas and the North Vietnamese communist government. The conflict reached greater proportions with the participation of the United States of America (USA) alongside the troops of South Vietnam. However, it was also a war with images, which publicized, widely and in a raw way, the suffering of the civilian population - children with their bodies burned by napalm, women raped, old wounded - and of young American soldiers maimed or killed and bagged. Considering the historical fact described, it is correct to say that a) South Vietnam used, in the war, the same methods of combat as the communists in North Vietnam. b) the US had a direct interest in the war, due to its strategic alliance with the communist government of North Vietnam. c) civilians, as active collaborators of North Vietnamese communists, were considered legitimate targets. d) the press, by publicizing the events that had taken place, turned US public opinion against the war, which actively pressed for its end. e) violence against the civilian population and the use of chemical weapons are war resources that should be used sparingly.
Question 04 - UNESP 2018/1 - The American participation in the Vietnam War, between 1961 and 1973, can be interpreted as a) an action related to the defense of freedom, in a context of expansion of anarchism in the Asian and African continents. b) a decline in the good-neighbor policy that characterized the diplomatic and commercial action of the United States after the Second World War c) the search for natural resources and energy sources that would increase the capacity of production of weapons in the United States. d) the effort to contain the Soviet influence over China, Japan and the countries of South and Southeast Asia; e) a movement within the logic of the Cold War, aimed at strengthening the geostrategic position of the United States.
Question 05 - UECE 2011 - The Vietnam War, in addition to representing one of the faces of the Cold War, is considered a military defeat for the United States. It resulted in the death of Vietnamese children, young and old, as well as large numbers of young Americans. About this conflict, mark the true statement. a) Although initially difficult, the Vietnam War was a challenge overcome by the United States. b) The Vietnamese conflict was polarized only between the US and Vietnam without the aid of other countries. c) The Vietnam War represented the struggle between a great capitalist power and a Third World country. d) The conflict was considered fair by the American population that did not organize pacifist protests.
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