Historical story

Nuremberg Main Synagogue

Nuremberg's main synagogue was one of the city's great buildings since 1874. Unlike what would happen to hundreds of synagogues on the night of November 9, 1938, the so-called night of broken glass , Nuremberg's main synagogue was demolished in an orderly manner.

The local authorities of the city issued an order in 1938 for the urban reordering of the city center, specifying that the city should be freed of buildings without significance or with structures or indecent appearance . The synagogue was declared a foreign and intolerable body within the urban fabric.

Following this government order, the synagogue was demolished by the authorities. Today the space has not been built again. The place is occupied by a small memorial that remembers the building and community that were destroyed by Nazi Germany.

How to get to the Nuremberg Main Synagogue

The memorial reminiscent of Nuremberg's former main synagogue is located in the historic old town of the Franconian city. To get there, as it is the old town, the best way is to do it on foot.