Historical story

Wild Field – Langlütjen II Fortress

Shortly after German unification, the new regime built a fortified post in 1880 on an islet at the mouth of the Bremen harbour. The construction was in service until the early 1930s, when shortly after the advent of the Nazi party, the facilities were used as a wild field of the SA. More than 100 political prisoners were taken there to be removed from the new society of Nazi Germany.

After the fall from grace of the SA in the summer of 1934, all the camps managed by this organization were closed, including the one located in the Langlütjen II fortification. The artillery position became occupied by the Wehrmacht, which built an anti-aircraft defense battery here to protect the port of Bremen from constant Allied attacks.

After World War II, the military position was abandoned and the weapons completely removed. Today the area belongs to a nature protection area.

Visit Langlütjen II Fortress

The fortress on the islet Langlütjen II is located off the north coast of Germany, near the town of Bremerhaven. The only way to get there is by boat.

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