Historical story

Fort Alamo

Fort Álamo was built and founded in the 18th century, more precisely in 1718, in the city of Texas that belonged to Spain, by envoys from the San Antonio de Valero Mission that was one of the first expeditions commanded by Spain in that region. The purpose of this fort was to protect the Indians who lived there and who were undergoing the process of catechization, some missionaries taught them in order to convert them to Catholicism.

It was composed of a church and several buildings in its vicinity that were built in the same period. In 1835, there was a fierce battle between the Texans and the Mexicans over possession of these lands, when the Texans were defeated.

Texas was a region belonging to Spain, but it became Mexico in 1821, when it became independent. In this period, the United States was a prosperous country that grew a lot and occupied part of Texas through settlers who migrated there in search of new lands to populate. The conflict then between the United States and Mexico was over possession of the region, a fact that resulted in the capture of Fort Alamo by the Texans, who were commanded by the Americans and who also declared the independence of Texas that became part of the United States.

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